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One of the largest logistics companies in the world engaging in sea, air and land transport






DevOps, Development, Architekt, Testing, Quality manager

Business need:

The client wanted to develop an existing application that is an integrated logistics solution that simplifies the complexity of the supply chain. We have been asked to take responsibility for the maintenance and further development of applications used by tens of thousands of users and employees of our client around the world. The product consists of a huge application for managing supply chains and about 7 side applications cooperating with it.

What have we done?

We have been cooperating with the client for 10 years in the development of the current platform and its side systems. We work in a managed service model so that we can constantly take over subsequent areas and increase our responsibility and the number of projects for which we are responsible. The product places us with many interesting business and technical challenges. We are currently focusing on libraries migration to newer versions. We are migrating the code to Angular inside applications. In addition, in areas that allow this, we are introducing IoT-related solutions, e.g. in the application for sensors monitoring containers on ships)