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One of the leading companies in the world, dealing with international sea transport.






UX/UI, DevOps, Cloud, Development, Testing

Business need:

The client asked us to design and implement application for planning, executing and monitoring all intermodal transports and related services. The target application will be fully integrated with the already existing clint ecosystem.

According to the requirements, the application should provide unified functionality for the intermodal transport process fully compatible with the standardized business process, increasing its efficiency. The product will be implemented all over the world, completely replacing the functionality provided at the moment by two other applications.

What have we done?

We have designed and built from scratch a web application based on the latest available technologies. The application works based on the client-server architecture using REST web services. Additionally, the application communicates with other modules of client’s ecosystem via queues. The whole is located in the Open Shift Cloud.

The system allows the import of transport orders and additional services. It supports their planning and sending orders for their execution to external vendors. It also allows you to monitor ongoing transports and to communicate with the external financial system in order to provide financial information about completed transports and services.