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People Experience powered by Microsoft VIVA solution

employee Experience

Make the “future of work” work for you.

As workplaces become more fluid, employees expect the flexibility to work from anywhere and access data from any device seamlessly. This calls for a shift in mindset from providing workplace services to delivering human-centric employee experiences, increasing retention, and attracting new talent.

Our employee experience portfolio brings a new level of choice and flexibility to employee interactions, engagement, collaboration, and support and is focused to deliver productive, inclusive, and sustainable workplaces. We have proven expertise in end-user transformation, with thousands of successful client engagements worldwide. We are uniquely qualified to help your enterprise chart its own course to the modern human-centric digital workplace.

A fantastic employee experience is everything. Make sure it’s everywhere.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Start your journey towards a human-centric, AI-powered workplace with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Transform how you serve and support your employees

Our employee experience portfolio is based on the Agile delivery model that underpins our services. This includes a set of accelerators to map, manage, and monitor your employee experience through five stages: From defining your strategy, to designing experiences, to deploying solutions, increasing adoption of new services and technologies, and improving the user experience.

Our technology provides insights to help you anticipate the needs of your people, and deliver the platforms that ensure maximum benefits and digital literacy. Working with us enables your team to implement the right employee experience solutions at the right time so that you can achieve your target business outcomes sooner. Learn more about each stream below.

Work smarter, not harder

Our workspace services bring flexibility and empower employees to work smarter. They optimize the applications and data your teams use daily, to make employees’ workplace experience as productive, inclusive, and sustainable as possible, wherever they work.  
We leverage our persona-based approach to craft a workplace strategy that is aligned to your business outcomes. We offer broad expertise in endpoint management, cloud workspaces, application services, and device-as-a-service to enable a secure and employee-centric workplace.

Immersive spaces to enhance employee and visitor experiences

Our office services integrate physical spaces with cutting edge digital technology to create adaptive, smart office spaces that enable hybrid inclusive collaboration and deliver great experience to employees. Our offices are sustainable by design. Your real estate and infrastructure will use less energy and generate less waste, minimizing your environmental impact.
Our enterprise connectivity, employee and visitor experience, smart building, and smart spaces services enable seamless collaboration between on-site and remote employees, and deliver high impact experiences to staff and visitors.

Working better, together

Our collaboration and empowerment services are designed to transform your communication strategy and systems for the workplace, to provide immersive, adaptive spaces for employees to connect and collaborate from any location, with any device.

Our cloud-based collaboration solutions such as digital productivity suites and unified communication and collaboration tools bring people together and empower them to work at their best. Employee experience platforms and our modern intranet solution based on VIVA provide easy access to information and build communities to keep employees connected and engaged. Our low-code platforms (e.g., Microsoft Power Platform) help automate workflows and help accelerate time to market.

Intelligent support – for better productivity and increased cost efficiency

Our support services provide personalized support services when and how you need them. Our  multi-channel, multi-device services make support more accessible for everyone. Our breadth of expertise includes on-site and remote support from experts, via our global service desks; traditional and advanced field support, using the latest technology from our partners; and innovative solutions like lockers, tech bar, and device deposits.
Our always-on solutions are flexible, intelligent, and designed around individuals’ needs. They deliver help and learning, to empower staff development. They’re proactive and predictive, not reactive and reductive.

Heathrow extends partnership with Capgemini

We signed a five-year contract with Heathrow to provide end user services and service desk support until the end of 2026.

    Enabling a digital workplace transformation at Airbus

    We have signed a five-year contract with Airbus to support the redesign of its global collaborative workplace.