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Shape your future with Capgemini

Discover a career path that matches your skills and grow with Capgemini – work on projects in accounting, finance, procurement, and IT support for international clients!

If you are proficient in foreign languages, thrive on customer interaction, value cultivating positive relationships, possess analytical thinking skills, and have a passion for problem-solving, then we’re looking just for you.

Join our team of specialists who support our clients daily with various tasks – from simple technical or HR inquiries to more complex accounting or IT system-related tasks. Our offered training and support from experienced colleagues will open up opportunities for further development within our company.

Shape your future with us

In our company, there’s a place for everyone interested in an international work environment, diverse teams, developmental tasks, global projects, as well as analytical work with data and systems. Explore the areas where you can design your career at Capgemini.

We support clients not only using our passion for numbers and analytics but also our proficiency in foreign languages. In our daily work, we use various languages, especially French, German, English, and Spanish. Join us in the world of finance and accounting and stay for the long run!

In our IT support department, we assist clients in managing IT devices and systems. If you can communicate fluently in a foreign language, enjoy problem-solving and supporting others, and are looking to build your career in the field of new technologies, explore how your development could unfold within our company.

We offer our clients support in designing procurement processes and improving existing solutions. If you like the idea of working in the Procurement area but don’t have experience in a similar role yet, join Capgemini and develop under the guidance of experienced experts.

What else do you need to know before send us your CV?

Depending on the role that interests you, our requirements may vary – details can be found in the advertisement you choose. However, there are several common elements shared across all roles that we can expect:

  • Proficiency in one of the foreign languages ​​such as French, German, Italian, or Spanish at least at the B2 level.
  • Desire for development and an open mind, predisposition to work with clients, and a positive attitude towards problem-solving.
  • Excellent analytical skills, as well as attention to detail
  • Proficiency in MS Office suite
  • For offers in the accounting and finance department, relevant education is preferred

Why join Capgemini?

Support and development

We don’t require professional experience – at Capgemini, from the very beginning, you can count on the support of more experienced experts who will help you immerse yourself in daily tasks and understand new concepts. Moreover, access to a wide range of training opportunities or involvement in team projects will allow you to acquire new skills… that will lead you to more advanced responsibilities within the company.

Work-life balance

At Capgemini, we prioritize maintaining a balance between work and personal life. We work in a hybrid model, but among our offers, you’ll also find options for shift work. By choosing an offer that aligns with your personal preferences, you gain the flexibility to balance work with studies or other non-work-related activities. Feel free to inquire about possible solutions during the recruitment process!

Impact on the world around us

Working at Capgemini means the opportunity to make an impact on the world around us! Every year, our volunteers engage in numerous projects – together, we’ve already planted 11 thousand trees, actively support the development of women in the IT industry, and advocate for youth education.

We operate in accordance with diversity policies, so that every individual – regardless of background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion – has the opportunity to develop in their chosen direction

Join us!

Discover a career path that suits your skills and grow at Capgemini!