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IT Support

Explore the world of IT with us! At Capgemini, we use our language skills every day to help people around the world solve their technical problems!

Customers come to us with various technical challenges, and we help them! We repair broken systems, MS Office programs, we help in remembering passwords that users forget, and sometimes we forward reports to teams that have even more technical knowledge.

If you have highly developed personal skills, can communicate effectively, also on the phone, and problem solving attitude is your great asset, working in the IT Support team is just for you!

Come to us with knowledge of a foreign language and an open mind, and we will show you how to become an expert in IT!

Fill out the form and apply to join the IT Support team now! Just send us your resume and our recruiters will match the offer to You.

In our daily work, we use our knowledge of languages ​​to help clients from all over the world solve their technical problems. We are looking for people who have a good command of English and another foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch or Romanian) to join our teams.

Check which aspects of the everyday live are influenced by our team:


You came to Germany for tourist purposes. In Dresden, you have already seen all the sights that interest you, e.g. Residence Castle in the heart of the Old Town. Now it’s time for the next stop on this journey – Leipzig. You arrive at the train station and see that another train to Leipzig is leaving in an hour.

You stand in a rather long queue to the ticket office, hoping that “it will go quickly”. You stand for 5 minutes, another 10 minutes – you get a little impatient. You look out of the queue, what happened that everyone is still standing. At the ticket office sits a lady who talks on the phone, gesticulates nervously, sometimes says something in a sharper tone. Who can she talk to?

This lady is talking to our Agent! Our team is currently working to solve the problem that has appeared in many ticket offices at many stations in Germany. Yes, can you imagine the queues and the nervousness of people who are in a hurry? The ticketing system is not working.

After several more minutes, you see that the lady at the cash desk smiles, breathes a sigh of relief and hangs up the phone.She starts selling tickets, everything is already fixed. Wondering if you made it on time for the train to Leipzig? Yes.


It’s an ugly Monday morning. You know that the only way to improve your mood is to eat your favorite cookies. You enter the store with a prepared payment card, and here it turns out that the delivery has not arrived. There is not a single packaging in the entire store and in the back room. Resigned you choose others – after all, you have to start the day well.

On your way to work you wonder what happened. Well, during weekend shifts at the factory that produces these cookies, there was an error in the system responsible for labeling the packages. No goods without appropriate labels can be delivered to wholesalers and stores.

Factory workers were informed to contact technical support. They have reached our Agent! The team that faces such challenges in Katowice collected information about the error from people working in production. He informed them of the next steps that must be taken to solve the problem.

He also assured that we are doing everything in our power to resume label production as soon as possible. Then he passed the technical data and description of the problem to the technical team – backdesk, and they solved the problem. Production could resume. Okay, but what about cookies? They definitely made it to the store in the afternoon delivery.


You work for a large pharmaceutical company. Your task is to prepare data summarizing the work of your colleagues in the laboratory and production. It’s a big responsibility. The summaries are sent to your supervisor. Production and work in the laboratory are important for the further development of the company.

You sit down in front of the computer and log in to individual programs that will provide you with a source of relevant data to create a summary. Unfortunately, when you try to log in to one of them, a window opens with the message: No access. Report to your administrator. You try again, but the message won’t go away. You are worried that you will not be able to complete the task.

You pick up the phone and call. The phone is answered by none other than our Agent! After verifying your data that identifies you with a given company and position, as well as the level of permissions, they remotely from the Katowice office give you access to the applications you need.

Additionally, you report a problem with the printer – you never have time for that, right? You say: “It doesn’t work”, and the person on the phone, thanks to their knowledge and experience, guides you step by step through the installation of the printer on your computer, which ends with the successful printing of a test page. Now you have everything you need to prepare a summary for your boss.

What do Capgeminers say about working in the IT Support team?

    What do you like most about your job?

    “I really like it when new problems arise and you need to find a solution to them. Finding the causes of a problem and later a solution is very satisfying.” – Sylwia Plichta, IT Infrastructure Support Specialist

    Why is it worth working as an Agent?

    “Due to the high flexibility of the work system and the opportunity to develop one’s interests.” – Ania Macha, Customer Service Advisor

    What unusual have you learned from working as an Agent?

    “As a Customer Service Advisor, I learned that nothing is impossible.” – Krzysztof Franciszkiewicz, Team Manager

    What superpowers does the Agent have?

    “Agent’s superpower is mind reading.” – Karolina Korowacka MIM Senior Team Manager

      See what next career steps are waiting for you and what roles you can develop in!

      This person is primarily responsible for implementing changes in the field of IT processes.

      Their superpower is acting on many levels and the ability to communicate efficiently, as well as great organization, openness to change, the ability to carry it out so that all elements that make up the change process take place at the right time and in the right sequence. Knowledge of ITIL is another key to this role.

      This person is primarily responsible for “putting out exploding fires” – meaning resolving high-priority technical issues (e.g., sudden network outage for a client).

      Their superpowers are: quick response, composure, and the ability to manage multiple tasks, especially crucial in unpredictable and critical situations. Knowledge of ITIL is another key to performing this role.

      The person in the Project Manager position coordinates the work of the entire team responsible for a given project.

      They stand out with their speed and flexibility of action, planning and priority management skills, as well as a solid preparation in soft skills. This combination allows them to solve business-related issues as well as matters related to the motivation and engagement of the project team.

      The person in the Service Integration and Management Consultant position manages and integrates interdependent IT processes, oversees the quality of services provided, and implements improvements.

      An important part of their work is the client relationship – the SIAM Consultant tailors the offer to their needs and ensures their satisfaction. Their distinctive features are knowledge of the market and ease in establishing contacts. The keys to taking on this role are expertise in ITIL and familiarity with Service management tools (e.g., ServiceNow).

      The person in the Junior IT Technician position monitors and promptly responds to any alarms or incidents occurring in the IT infrastructure.

      Their characteristic abilities include keen observation, quick and efficient responsiveness, as well as IT knowledge that needs to be continuously expanded in the era of dynamic technological changes. Precision is also an essential element of their work.

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