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WQR 2023-24
Quality & testing

World quality report 2023-24

Welcome to the 15th edition of our World Quality Report (WQR)

Capgemini and Sogeti are publishing this report with our strategic technology partner OpenText. The topics covered are as far-reaching as possible to capture the nuances and trends in the industry, with key findings and recommendations across several key focus areas: business assurance, agile quality management, QE lifecycle automation, AI, quality ecosystem, digital core reliability, intelligent product testing, and sustainability. Expert findings are accompanied by commentary, examples, and best practices from 10 senior executives from various Fortune 500 organizations, who participated in deep-dive interviews around these topics.

AI & the future of QE

In the past editions, we witnessed a drive for faster and more impactful IT developments, digital transformation, and a global acceleration across industries. Now, the stage is set for a true game-changer: Generative AI adoption to augment engineering skills like never before!

This year’s edition looks at how higher productivity driven by AI will rapidly increase the development speed and organizations need to continue the investment towards scaling the quality engineering process, skills, and bandwidth accordingly.

New to this year’s report

  • Gen AI is amping up the engineering in quality engineering – and is going to change the game sooner rather than later.
  • Quality is a boardroom agenda – there is no question about the impact of quality on any selection of focus areas, not the least of which is sustainability.
  • Demanding customer experiences, regulatory pressures, and ever-changing guidelines are setting the stage for intelligent product testing.

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