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Key information for foreigners

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. The Group is guided everyday by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. It is a responsible and diverse organization of over 350,000 team members in more than 50 countries.

Capgemini has been present in Poland since 1996 and our business centers are strategically located in economically important areas to provide Capgemini with well-educated and talented workers.
Our team consists of over 11,000 professionals who serve our clients with deep industry-specific expertise. Our activity is focused on providing top class and industry leading solutions and business services.

Capgemini Values

Our seven Values – Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Fun, Modesty, and Team Spirit – express our personality, our spirit. While we continuously evolve our culture, our Values remain constant: we never lose sight of who we are. Profoundly entrepreneurial, we cherish and encourage individual freedoms and initiatives, within the discipline of perfect alignment with our Values.

Awards & Recognition

You at Capgemini

You will be able to meet a new people and get to know how their daily duties look like. We respect our differences, and we love exploring a new cultures and tastes.

You will work in line with high, international work standards.

You will have the possibility to work in terms of Flexible Work Policy, which include work in a hybrid model, flexible working hours, equipment package and more.

You will meet great people and feel legendary atmosphere with no formal dress code.

You will work in offices that are conveniently located with “Bicycle-friendly” certificate.

You will take part in events dedicated for our employees. We celebrate days such as: Coffee Day, Kids Day or International Friendship Day.

You will be able to take part in unforgettable external events: away days, off-sites, integration parties or annual family picnic.

You will gain space to fulfill your ambitions and develop your career. We operate according to Lean and Kaizen philosophy.

You will have a chance to become an Architect of Positive Future. We support volunteering initiatives, share our skills, organize Blood Donation actions and Car Free days.

Trainings and Development

Onboarding & e-learning introductory courses

At the beggining of your adventire in Capgemini, you will take part in onboarding trainings, where our experts will tell you more about the values of our company, its policy and your rights as an employee. You will also meet with your Buddy and team leader, who will answer all your questions and help you blend in easier.

Courses and certifications

You will receive free access to training platforms (i.e.: Pluralsight, Harvard Manage Mentor, Coursera.) and support in preparing for external and internal certification in various areas. We also work with professional language schools that provide tutors and proven teaching techniques.

Development & career paths

We support our employees through dedicated soft and hard skills development programs.

We promote your chosen future path whether you want to advance your career as an expert or are interested more in our people manager opportunities.

Socially responsible

Capgemini’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is grounded in the corporate culture and values our employees adhere to in everyday work. We encourage all our employees to act actively towards social and environmental challenges. Our CSR strategy is based on 3 pillars: diversity, digital inclusion, environmental sustainability.

Environmental policy

As a responsible business, we’re determined to play a leadership role in ensuring technology creates a sustainable future. We drive internal change across every aspect of our operations, while helping our clients address their own environmental challenges. We also team up with our partners and suppliers, start-ups, policy-makers, governments and academics, to make sustainable progress together aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Diversity & Inclusion communities

As a Capgeminer you can join one of our communities, where people create safe environment to exchange their experiences, support professional growth and promote equal chances and mutual respect.

Working & living in Poland

Population: 38 millions
Capital: Warsaw (population 1.8 million)
EU member since May 2004
Language: Polish
Currency: Złoty ($1≈PLN 4.70, €1≈PLN 4.70)
Time: GMT/UTC +1 hour in winter, +2 hours in summer
Emergency number: 112

Milk (regular), (1 liter): 2.96 PLN
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g): 3.96 PLN
Water (1.5 liter bottle): 2.13 PLN
Cappuccino (regular): 11.29 PLN
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 30.00 PLN
One-way Ticket (Local Transport): 4.00 PLN
Gasoline (1 liter): 6.60 PLN
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre: 2,471.26 PLN

Useful phrases in Polish

Working conditions and formalities

If you are employed in Poland, your employer will insure you through the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ). It allows you to benefit from all the medical services from health care providers who have contracts for health services with Polish National Health Fund. You will also have Social Security Insurance (ZUS). As part of employment with Capgemini, we offer life insurance and private health care for employees and their families. You will be also entitled to use various additional benefits from means of the Social Fund.

If you are not a Citizen of the European Union, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland, you will need a visa and work permit to legally stay and work in Poland. We will help you in obtaining work permit in Poland and we can guide you with other formalities in Polish offices such as registration in the municipal office. If you plan to stay longer than your visa expiration date, we can guide you how to apply for a residence permit in order to obtain residence card.

National Health Fund (NFZ)

Health care in Poland is financed by the National Health Fund – a central state budget created to protect health. An obligatory health premium, alongside with a social insurance premium, will be deducted from your gross salary for an on- -going work by your employer.

Social Security Insurance (ZUS)

All employees are obliged to have social security insurance. The obligatory social security contributions consist of four elements: pension fund, retirement, sickness and accident premiums. They will be deducted from your gross salary by your employer on a monthly basis.

Advice on formal steps for foreigners
  • Registration of address („zameldowanie” in Polish)
  • Registration of stay longer than 3 months for EU citizens
  • Legalization of stay and work for non-EU citizens
  • Obtaining PESEL (individual identification number in Poland)

Working time

Working time may not be longer than 8 hours in a 24-hour period and an average of 40 hours in an average 5-day working week in any applicable calculation period.

If this is justified by the type of work or organization thereof, a system of equivalent working time may be used, whereby it shall be admissible to extend the working time in a 24-hour period, however, no longer than to 12 hours.

An extended working time in a 24-hour period shall be balanced with a shorter working time in a 24-hour period on some days or with days off. When a working time of an employee in a 24-hour period is at least 6 hours, the employee shall be entitled to at least a 15-minute break from work which shall be counted as working time.

An employer may introduce one break from work, such break not to be counted as working time, not longer than 60 minutes, to be spent to eat a meal or to attend to private matters.

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