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Working at Capgemini means not only a lot of opportunities for professional development, but also a lot of additional benefits that can help you with your work-life balance. The freedom to choose employee benefits will allow you to take advantage of those proposals that will actually be of interest to you – the Nais cafeteria system will help you with this.

In order to take care of the work-life balance, we also pay special attention to wellbeing. Regular satisfaction surveys conducted among our male and female employees allow us to monitor the changing needs within the organization on an ongoing basis. Moreover, we don’t forget about parents and guardians – working at Capgemini is connected with a number of facilities, thanks to which they can more easily reconcile family life with work.

Discover a job that suits your personal needs.

Flexible benefit system*


Flexible working hours (available depending on the role, ask for details during the interview) and equipment package for home office;
private medical care and life insurance with ability to buy additional packages (e.g., dental care, senior care, oncology) on preferential terms;
• access to Capgemini Helpline with possibility to chat with therapists;
bonuses for recommending your friends to Capgemini;
• access to Inspiro app with rich audiobooks database;
• access to our NAIS benefit platform (40+ options available: NetflixSpotifyMultisport, cinema tickets, etc.);
• if you are doing creative work, you have the option of applying increased deductible expenses.

Personal and professional development: 

70+ training tracks with certification opportunities (e.g. MS Azure, AWS, Google) on our NEXT training platform;
• platform with free access to PluralsightTED TalksCoursera materials and trainings;
• free access to Udemy Business account with ability to use during and outside working hours;
transparent performance management policy.​​​​​​

Our legendary atmosphere:

We value teamwork and good relationships. We work together, drink coffee together, and form friendships both inside and outside of work.

​​​​​​​No official dress-code.
• various communities: OUTfront, Women@Capgemini, Foreigners Community, and more;
• day off for volunteering;
• ability to implement world-changing initiatives thanks to our Grant Program;
company trips or team-building meetings.

* The benefits listed may vary depending on your role in the company. Ask your recruiter about the details during the job interview.