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Timothy Hardy

Timothy Hardy

Head of Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

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Timothy Hardy – Head of Content Marketing at MACS, the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.

What do you like most about your job?

My job is project-based, and each project is different. One day I can be creating a video script, the next, some advertising copy. Of course, there are similarities in the skills needed, so after a period of time, you gain enough experience to be able to tackle all sorts of different projects. But, as they are never the same, each project always requires a different response. It’s great that I am free to experiment with different approaches and express my creativity. For example, for a video script, we might know the purpose, the target audience, and what the key messages are – but the question is then, how should we express that message? The answer is, of course, is by using the oldest method known to human civilization: storytelling. But that’s just the start, as there are many ways to tell a story so your audience understands and remembers the message (and maybe even feels compelled to act upon it!). So, in a way, what I like most about my job is the variety, and now you know why!

What is your best memory from Capgemini?

I don’t have a best memory, but I do have fond memories of the fun times with colleagues, on projects, and while socializing outside the office. I also enjoy seeing my work published, whether it’s pure copy or a script in action. The pressure of working in creative projects will always have its ups and downs – it wouldn’t be so rewarding otherwise – but so far, the highs have far outweighed the lows. That’s always down to the people I have the pleasure to work with.

What is it that your colleagues don’t know about you?

Some of my collogues know that I used to teach English for a living, but not many would know that my teaching experience included teaching literacy (and basic math) in a prison in the UK. I thought I had the keys to a great career, but I prefer my current job!