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Sylwia Mrowca

Sylwia Mrowca

Head of Operations and PMO 

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Creative and design

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Sylwia Mrowca – Head of Operations and PMO at MACS, the in-house creative agency at Capgemini.

What do you like the most about your job? 

There are two main things that I like about my job: freedom and variety.  

I’ve been part of the MACS team for 10 years now. Having no experience in the industry and being a teacher of English by profession, I joined MACS in a junior role. A creative agency like MACS has an incredibly fast-paced environment, so I had to learn my role at the speed of light. I started off with learning how to manage simple creative projects, and as the years went by, I took on new responsibilities around marketing operations, as well as people management. Currently, I’m heading up two teams: Operations and the Project Management Office (PMO). This advancement path wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my managers over the years, but also didn’t come without me creating development opportunities for myself. 

And this leads me to what I like about my job the most – roles are well-defined, but they are not restrictive, you have the freedom to shape your own path. What this means in practice is that if you have a good idea and know how to implement it, you will be supported and given freedom to roll with it – as long as you keep the business goals on your radar. Notably, this means also that your days will be intense and it also carries a lot of responsibility. But, in return, no day is the same. This is hugely valuable to me. 

What’s your best memory/experience from Capgemini? 

10 years is a long time to make memories, and I have been really active generating them, both in the office, and during our team-building activities. 

Something that will always bring a smile to my face will be all the amazing activities we have done during team events. But, I also giggle when I recall some of the pranks we would do to each other when working at the office. Good times!  

What is it that your colleagues don’t know about you?  

I’m a bit of an open-book and I happily share my story and interests, but maybe not everyone knows that I once drove a 16-seat bus on a Swiss motorway and I went paragliding off a mountain in France!