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Przemysław Maćczak

Przemysław Maćczak

Transformation Manager

Experienced Proffesionals

Business transformation

Przemysław Maćczak
Transformation Manager

In Capgemini since: 2007
Hobbies: Old games – Witcher 3, Civilization 4

Your first position at Capgemini was…
I joined on my final year at the University in Katowice, so my first job really was the ‘entry level’ – I was a Junior Accountant, processing Accounts Payable invoices.

First thought that comes to mind when you think Capgemini is…
My employer by default. Since I joined during my studies, I’ve never worked anywhere else, going through all the levels of the corporate ladder.

What is your typical working day like?
Starts with a cup of coffee. And then another one. Then it depends on my calendar. It might be that it is full of meetings, especially if I run workshops with a client. On a ‘quieter’ day I have some time to work on documentation, usually related to a process design.

What unusual lessons have you learned from working in the IFAO Consulting team?
Expect the unexpected – something or someone (usually the client) can change the appearance of the project you thought you almost had completed. This gave me a kind of a stoic approach to work – things will have to be re-worked and that’s okay. And in Saudi Arabia – never decline food if it is offered.

What do you value working in the IFAO Consulting team?
The people. Seriously – some of the best people I encountered in my life I met at work.

What capabilities should present a person who wants to work at IFAO Consulting?
Must be a real quick learner. There’s always a new challenge and there are no two projects exactly alike.

Your best memory with Capgemini is:
From a business trip – having a lunch next to Sydney Opera. Our team is like the navy – join to see the world!

What do you enjoy the most in your spare time?
I really like driving, so it doesn’t take much to convince me to go on a road trip. The longest one I took was returning with my colleagues from the Client office to Krakow. 1700 km overnight (all flights got cancelled).

What is your greatest professional achievement at Capgemini?
Finalizing a large transformation project with a major client from Sweden. It took 2 years, but at the end I could see that our work really made a difference.

What is your advice to people who want to develop at Capgemini in the IFAO Consulting team?
Hone your skills by specializing in something, but stay open to everything – in our line of work you never know what the client might ask next.

Has the current pandemic situation affected the work of the IFAO Consulting team?
I haven’t had to go on a business trip in a long while. I guess my wife’s happy about that.

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