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Customer first, banking and capital markets

Banking customers have spoken. They expect accessible, personalized services tailored to their individual needs and lifestyles. Ready to unlock the power of customer-centricity?

In today’s digital age of constantly evolving technology, banking customers crave personalized experiences across all platforms, inspired by the many other interactions they encounter daily. New, light-weight competitors are taking lead , not in the traditional fields of products and services, but by offering better experience. How can banks compete in this new landscape?

Banks need to shift from product-centric to customer-centric models—foster continuous engagement with their customers that creates intimacy, trust, and loyalty.

Capgemini helps banks craft powerful journeys that deliver your customers the outcomes they want. With a customer-centric channel strategy and a reimagined trust architecture, banks can go beyond Return on Investment (ROI), and benefit from a true return on engagement (ROE).

Our four-pillar customer-centricity framework powered by data, automation, and AI, helps you optimize growth, experience, brand, and loyalty across your marketing, sales, and contact centre organizations—ensuring you always put your customers first.

    World Wealth Report 2024

    Intelligent strategies for winning with the ultra-wealthy: Bridge wealth management and family office strengths to fuel growth.

    World Retail Banking Report 2024

    Intelligent banks do more with less: Take an efficiency leap with frictionless, personalized banking

      Was wir bieten

      Empower your marketing teams to deliver contextual and personalized experiences that your customers expect.

      We help banks and financial services firms leverage data-driven insights to build authentic journeys across all stages of customer lifecycle while navigating the complexity of regulatory landscape.

      Your contact center is the voice of your firm – where customers bring their questions, their fears, their ambitions and ultimately, their loyalty.

      Learn how a people-focused approach combined with cloud, omnichannel, self-service, and advanced AI/cognitive capabilities will deliver value and revenue, and inspire trust with every interaction.

      Transform the way your firm approaches sales – make it more efficient, data–driven and more profitable.

      We are here to help you in harnessing the power of technology to drive growth by enhancing customer engagement and devising marketplace strategy to optimize sales effectiveness.

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          Joachim von Puttkamer

          Head of Financial Services Germany, Capgemini
          Seit mehr als 16 Jahren unterstütze ich Kunden bei der Anpassung ihrer Organisation und IT-Systeme durch Post-Merger-Integration, Kostensenkungsprogramme, Digitalisierungsinitiativen und die Umsetzung von regulatorischen Änderungen. Ich habe an strategischen, Design- und Datenideen bis hin zu großen und nachhaltigen Implementierungen gearbeitet.

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