Decoding the success formula for Software Defined Vehicle Transformation

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Today´s complex automotive ecosystem is facing a fundamental change when it comes to the topics of software and technology: The transition from an electronic, hardware component driven car architecture, towards a new architecture where the valuable differentiator lies within the software.​

With this study Capgemini Invent focuses on the automotive industry (OEMs, Tier-1s, Technology and SW providers) in EU and the US and aims to draw light on the topic of standardized SW platforms (Middleware and Vehicle OS) and the need for collaboration between key players to achieve such a standardized platform.

The study is the first global market analysis performed of this size, comparing 60 key players against 24 criteria.  Furthermore, it incorporates interviews with 18+ automotive executives. With this, we present a comparison of the main alliances and relevant players on aspects of key strategies, partnership, and alliances. The evaluation was based on a set of evaluation criteria grouped into three main categories: Standardization, Scalability, and Maturity of Technology.​​

Based on the interview insights and our market analysis the future will be determined by the following factors:

  • Collaboration is keyhigh potentials that arise with collaborations across all segments, even though many OEMs try to own the entire system
  • Architecture as enabler : “Many executives and engineers still see cars as autonomous products without a connection to infrastructure.” – Our study will change their mind. 
  • Yes to standards: A key take away is the necessity of creation of an ecosystem that governs the software components for the end customer to enable players to pool services, improve quality, and win time to market.

What is important to acknowledge within the strategy of the E/E architecture discussion is the increasing role of a standardized vehicle middleware and vehicle Operating System. Having a way of setting apart hardware from applications is critical to the deployment of a flexible software strategy and to work towards a truly software-defined vehicle vision. 

In a later version we will incorporate further expert opinions and will be constantly updating our market overview based on current market developments.

Thanks to the study-contributors Sherif Hussein and Fee Rössle from Capgemini Invent as well as  Alois Christian Knoll, Uwe Michael and Elmar Frickenstein from the ASIMI initiative. We also want to thank the Technical University of Munich for their collaboration within the study. 

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Markus Matzak-Precht

Markus Matzak-Precht ist Experte in der Automobilindustrie.

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Sherif Hussein ist bei Capgemini Invent Experte im Bereich Automotive mit dem Schwerpunkt Software-Defined-Vehicle Transformation.