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Software-Defined Transformation

Software is migrating from the periphery of vehicles to their core, in a transformation that implicates every stage of the value chain.

With the rise of smart vehicles, software is taking the driver’s seat. Increasingly, vehicles are being designed and built around the capabilities of a digital core. At every stage of the value chain, this software-defined transformation (SDT) is changing expectations – from manufacturers, regulators, and end customers.

The implications of the coming software-driven model for automotive are far-reaching, creating opportunities and challenges. Capgemini has the experience in IT, digital and engineering to help automotive players create the mobility ecosystem of the future, designed with people at its heart.

We enable software-driven transformation for automotive leaders

We lead your organization to a new chapter in mobility with digitally-enabled customer-centric solutions.

Our software-driven transformation offers empowers automotive players to create the mobility ecosystem of the future, enabled by software and designed with people at its heart.

They fall into three main areas: Customer first, intelligent industry, and enterprise management.

Our Smart Mobility Connect offering empowers automotive players to create the mobility ecosystem of the future, designed with people at its heart.

Intelligent industry supports major shifts in processes towards a more agile and flexible design approach and business model.

This offers automotive players the opportunity to take the lead in the race to a data and software-defined automotive world.

With our guidance, you can optimize your whole system and cloud landscape for ultimate operational efficiency and sustainability.

Success stories here include the use of cloud-based software in ERP operations, such as our work with SAP S/4 HANA and our unique collaboration with SAP® on cloud for automotive suppliers and the industry cloud.

This helps our clients to build a flexible and future-proof digital enterprise core.

    Software platform of the future

    With Software-driven Transformation for Automotive, we work with you to develop the core software platform of future vehicles. 

    Capgemini Engineering

    Software framework solutions for automotive

    Software Framework Solutions for Automotive Connectivity reduce time to market – and accelerate connectivity solutions development.

      Meet our experts

      Markus Winkler

      Automotive, Consulting, Digital Transformation, Strategy and Transformation
      Markus Winkler arbeitet mit Teams auf der ganzen Welt zusammen und unterstützt Kunden bei der Gestaltung ihrer Mobilitätsstrategien und der Entwicklung der nächsten Schritte in der sich schnell verändernden Automobilindustrie.

      Bernd Borberg

      Expertise: Automotive, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing

      Dr. Rainer Mehl

      Digital Customer Experience, digitale Transformation & Strategie
      Dr. Rainer Mehl unterstützt als Executive Vice President Unternehmen bei der digitalen Transformation mit den Schwerpunkten Customer Centricity, agile Organisation und neue Geschäftsmodelle. Er ist seit 2016 für Capgemini tätig und verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Industrie- und Beratungserfahrung in den Bereichen Strategie- und Organisationsentwicklung, Business- und IT-Integration mit dem Branchenfokus Automobil- und Manufacturing Industrie.