Sustainability Data Science Challenge

Shape the Sustainable Future of Austria with AI powered by Capgemini, Microsoft and ÖBAG

Exploit the potential of Big Data and AI to facilitate a greener future together with Austria’s leading companies

Are you ready to exploit the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to contribute to a sustainable future of Austria? Capgemini, Microsoft and ÖBAG are hosting the Sustainability Data Science Challenge 2021 (SDSC). Together with our partners A1 Telekom Austria Group, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG), Österreichische Post and VERBUND we are searching for talented teams who are passionate about developing a best-in-class data science model, that helps to contribute to a more sustainable future.

This competition aims to use Artificial Intelligence to solve a sustainability related problem. You are provided with plenty of data and two months to turn this data into a model that helps to assess the carbon footprint and biodiversity of the companies‘ property portfolios. It is further the task to evaluate the potential of solar based renewable energy to reduce the companies‘ footprint. The model creating the best results will be selected as the winner and is going to be presented to the management of the four partner companies (A1 Telekom Austria Group, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, Österreichische Post, VERBUND).

Put together your team and register now. This is your chance to showcase your data science skills to Austria’s leading companies and create a real sustainable impact that has the potential to scale. Take your chance and get one of the 30 slots to participate in the challenge. You can either participate alone or in a team of up to four people.

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Your Challenge

Our partners are looking for a data science model, which assesses the carbon footprint of their real-estate portfolios and which helps to determine measures to reduce emissions.

EU governments have committed to reduce their CO2 emissions by 55% below the level of 1990 until 2030 to fight climate change. Among the biggest emitter of CO2 emissions is the real-estate sector, fueling climate change by  energy consumption and floor sealing, thus reducing biodiversity. At the same time only 2-3% of the photovoltaic potential is used in Austria, leaving plenty of opportunities for a greener future.

To tackle this problem your expertise is needed in the Sustainability Data Science Challenge 2021. Your task is two-folded:

  • The first part includes the development of a data science model that determines the carbon footprint of the companies real-estate portfolios based on areal pictures.
  • The second part involves the assessment of the potential of photovoltaic and the level of biodiversity of the real-estate portfolios.

By finding a solution to this challenge you help A1 Telekom Austria Group, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG), Österreichische Post and VERBUND to meet the mandatory EU Taxonomy regulations 2022 for biodiversity and help them taking targeted actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

When? 04.10.2021
What? The Challenge is started with a virtual kick-off to introduce the challenge, partners and the resources available to you

Factsheet | Sustainability Data Science Challenge 2021

Factsheet | Sustainability Data Science Challenge 2021

Whom are we searching for?


You are a super motivated student (Bachelor or Master) with some expertise in Data Science.


You are a Junior Data Scientist with some professional or project related experience.


You are a highly skilled Data Scientist or Expert in Data Science with couple of years of professional experience.