Secure Remote Working and Collaboration Services

Let’s take on new challenges. Together.

Now more than ever, we need connection.

Working remotely was already the new normal. Now it’s the new imperative. This sudden shift creates many new questions:

  • How can you keep your employees productive, collaborative, and satisfied as they adjust to huge changes in their workplace and their world?
  • How will you provide safe access to all your apps and data, anytime, remotely?
  • How can you increase the speed and simplicity of connecting to audio/videoconferences securely?
  • How will you ensure continuity of your whole value chain, from suppliers to customers?
  • How can you transform the current upheaval into new opportunities through innovation?
  • How can you take this moment to foster creativity among your employees, educate them, and bring life to their ideas?

Talk to Capgemini. Our secure remote working and collaboration solutions keep your people connected and protected while providing exceptional user experiences. We can help you with every aspect of delivering transformative workplace solutions—all on an expedited basis to meet today’s urgent needs.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Workspace consulting
    In one short week, we can help you assess and analyze your current environment and mobilize your teams and partners to adopt a superior remote working environment. Know more.
  • Digital adoption
    We help your users embrace new digital tools, technologies and processes by combining gamification, user management, and more—all focused on increasing collaboration and innovation. Know more.
  • Service desk and support
    We support you every step of the way with our Field Services Hypercare, accelerated service desk support, and a wide range of responsive support offerings tailored to your requirements.Secure Remote Workplace Solutions

Wide range of use cases

Capgemini can help you create remote and collaborative solutions for users with physical devices, virtual desktops, corporate laptops, and more. Whatever combination of office productivity and collaboration applications you’re using—from Office 365 to Teams, and social media apps—we can connect them to your business applications and support remote users.

Protecting remote workers—and your business

Remote access to corporate networks creates new business risks. Capgemini delivers comprehensive cybersecurity services to keep corporate data, applications, and user devices secure, no matter where they’re accessing the network. We combine rock-solid security with reliable performance and a superior user experience. Know more.

Flexible service management options

Capgemini can provide managed services or supplement your teams with our experts to help with anything from service and asset management to project management or change management initiatives. We team with you to set new standards for internal collaboration.

Transform the work experience

Your employees are adaptable and resilient. Your workplace should be too. Capgemini is your partner of choice for strategy and execution of digital workplace transformation initiatives, from planning and shaping to operational implementation.

See it, experience it yourself

The best way to understand and appreciate the capabilities of the Connected Workspace is to see it for yourself. Drop us an email at  for a demo today and get new insights into how you can transform the employee experience – and business performance.

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