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Wealth managers can reignite investors’ waning ESG enthusiasm

Anticipate high-net-worth individual sentiments with advanced data analytics

High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) priorities have shifted, creating demand for increased transparency and reliable ESG data. Wealth managers can reignite HNW client commitment — in mind, heart and pocket — with innovative data strategies.

ESG-related investments are facing increasing scrutiny by (HNWIs) who want to not only preserve their wealth but ensure their investments have a positive impact and strong financial return. HNWIs desire traceable ESG scores, a harmonized tracking methodology and more ESG investment education to circumvent the risks associated with greenwashing.

  • Today’s high-net-worth investors feel corporate ESG reporting lacks transparency, well-defined standards and proven impact data
  • Wealth managers must become more knowledgeable about sustainable investments and solutions and help build trust and transparency around an organization’s ESG scores.
  • Reliable data and standardized ESG scoring harnessed by the power of technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can benefit both wealth managers and their HNWI clients.

Read on to learn more about the HNWI’s perspective on ESG investing globally, how wealth management firms can address HNWI concerns by accessing reliable data to reduce risk — plus the role that technology and data experts will play to solidify ESG investing.