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Prototypes of AI Co-Thinkers

Findings from a new joint experiment by Capgemini Invent and Thinkers50, exploring the potential of Gen AI in real management scenarios.

With the Gen AI revolution, we are stepping into the ‘future of management’. This transformative shift is just starting, but the pace of change is rapid.

In the ebook published with HBR Italy on  “Generative AI for Strategy and Innovation,” The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent examined AI’s potential to transform 10 popular management theories and practices by experimenting with ChatGPT.  This sparked the question: how can we make AI’s potential real in management? This led to our vision, ManagementGPT.  

Think of it as having a Co-Thinker, well-versed in a variety of management practices, engaging managers in valuable human-machine conversations on complex topics and trade-offs. To make ManagementGPT a reality, there’s a gap to fill. Today, the performance of pre-trained, open large foundation models in relation to management theories suffers from the limited availability of specific context, related methodological prompts, and advanced guardrails.

To fill this gap, The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent joined forces with leading management thinkers, who are part of the unique Thinkers50 community, to develop AI Co-Thinker prototypes. The values guiding our journey are curiosity, collaboration, discovery, and the pursuit of making good, responsible management achievable for everyone.

How can Gen AI unlock the potential for better decisions, more rounded strategies, and truly transparent leadership?

Beyond AI assistants, towards AI Co-Thinkers

As part of our ManagementGPT experiment, we beta-tested three Co-Thinker use cases, each addressing relevant management needs that span strategy, business model innovation, and organizational culture.

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