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Generative AI Strategy


With the meteoric ascent of Generative AI, it’s time to define a strategy that taps into the potential of this new technology at scale

Generative AI is a rapidly expanding technology and a hot topic in the boardroom, with 89% of IT organizations surveyed saying it’s something they’re currently discussing.[1] 65% of all executives surveyed believe that Gen AI will completely revolutionize the way we work and 73% of IT consumers surveyed say they trust content produced by Gen AI.[2]

Many organizations are leaping into building pilots and proof of concepts (POCs) but have yet to unlock value. It’s time to underpin exploration with sound and scalable Gen AI strategy.

Drawing on our experience of delivering innovative AI projects with leading organizations across industries, we’ve established the fundamentals of AI strategy for business. Our curated approach to AI change management encompasses creating use cases for Gen AI that showcase the value that can be achieved, as well as establishing the fundamentals of people, process, and technology that will enable the business to scale.

“We help our clients step up and envision the potential of Gen AI in their context, supporting leaders as they deliver exceptional outcomes at scale.”

Conor McGovern, Global Head of Generative AI Strategy, Capgemini Invent

A blueprint for AI success

We’re charting the uncharted territories of Generative AI, pinpointing opportunities for Gen AI growth and innovation. We’ve created a blueprint for AI success which we can tailor for each partner, taking into account existing talent, processes, and organizational structure.

As with all cutting-edge technology, the sands of AI can shift fast, leading to uncertainty around compliance. That’s why, at the center of our AI strategy for business, we take care to establish the protective elements that ensure risk is mitigated going forward.

“We’ve launched the Generative AI Strategy offer to ignite innovation and empower businesses by transforming their core value chains. This initiative helps our clients fully tap into the potential of this new technology, driving transformative change throughout their organizations.”

Alex Marandon, Global Head of Generative AI Accelerator, Capgemini Invent

Read on to learn about the key ways we unlock the full potential of AI in your business landscape.

Lead the AI revolution: insights, implementation and impact

Excite and discover

  • Create awareness and energy around the potential of Gen AI within your organization
  • Set the vision and strategy
  • Identify and prioritize use cases and ecosystem partners

  • Build the Gen AI value case, early use cases, and deliver proofs of concept
  • Model and optimize technology options and associated costs

  • Reinvent your workflows and product designs with the power of AI process optimization to set new industry benchmarks
  • Propel rapid development and creative solutions, drawing from the wellsprings of generative design

  • Develop a robust and sustainable tech and data platform strategy for Gen AI, ensuring the right tools are selected and effectively integrated
  • Optimize data management processes to support scalable and secure AI solutions, enhancing overall business performance

  • Elevate your leadership skills with our specialized Gen AI insights, ensuring decisions are informed and future-focused
  • We orchestrate a seamless transition, empowering your team to become pioneers of the AI evolution with our CoPilot Implementation Strategy

  • Traverse the intricate web of AI regulations with confidence as we provide clarity and strategic foresight, utilizing generative AI solutions to streamline the process
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to ensure your existing models are compliant, robust, and optimized for performance

  • Push systems to maximize human and AI collaboration, creating an environment for continuous experimentation and innovation
  • Continue to grow a robust and sustainable tech and data platform strategy for Gen AI

By harnessing the transformative power of AI, Capgemini Invent helps steer global leaders across diverse industries through emerging paradigm shifts with unparalleled expertise and insight. Together, we can develop the AI-literate, future-ready playbook for your business.

Contact us for a clear view across the unfolding Gen AI landscape, and to take your next step into tomorrow

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** References: [1],[2]

Our experts

Alex Marandon

Global Head of the Generative AI Accelerator, Capgemini Invent
With over 20 years of experience in data science, business analytics, and strategic thinking, I am the Vice-President and Head of Data for Intelligent Industry France at Capgemini Invent, a global leader in digital innovation and transformation. I help companies generate value through end-to-end data project delivery, from defining their strategy to designing and implementing their innovative solutions.

Moïse Tignon

Executive Vice President I Global Head of Strategy & Portfolio at Capgemini Invent

Conor McGovern

VP Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (A&AI) at Capgemini Invent UK
Conor McGovern leads the Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (A&AI) practice in Capgemini Invent UK and Invent’s global Enterprise Data & Analytics practice. Conor and his team use data, analytics and AI to tackle the toughest business challenges for clients. They help drive strategic, real-time decision-making, eliminate repetitive tasks and enable new levels of efficiency.