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Supercharging the future of healthcare with generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) have been around for several years. Their widespread adoption has recently surged, causing a tidal wave of expectations. ChatGPT, for example, reached 100 million users within just three months.

It is estimated that by 2045, AI could support 50% of activities, with GenAI playing a significant role. As the evolution of older “discriminative” AI, it is poised to revolutionize healthcare.

GenAI: Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation in Healthcare

GenAI has the potential to transform the entire healthcare sector. But perhaps the first industry to benefit will be Life Sciences, especially drug research. In healthcare services, the shift towards GenAI and LLMs is gradual but expected to pick up speed. The insurance sector has been an early adopter of GenAI, enabling it to now reinvent and enhance its procedures.

Deploying these models requires careful attention to ethical and regulatory issues, including security, transparency, unbiased decision-making, and environmental impact. Systematic human oversight, especially in healthcare, is crucial.

The risk-based approach of the upcoming European AI Act is expected to be widely adopted soon, with particular scrutiny on GenAI for its most sensitive applications.

Supercharging the future of healthcare with Generative AI

Explore our white paper to learn about the specifics of GenAI and LLMs in healthcare: the main use cases, investment opportunities, purposes, and conditions.

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Our experts

Sonia Gorjup-Gatti

Director of Public Sector at Capgemini Invent
Sonia is an expert in the impact of new technologies and innovation on health. She supports the transformation of public and private players in implementing data, AI, and interoperability projects, and leads the creation of innovation ecosystems around digital health. She has been teaching for nearly 10 years at Sciences Po Paris.

Barnabé Lecouteux

Vice President, Lead Global Life Sciences Incubator, Capgemini Invent
With 16 years of experience, Barnabé is a seasoned leader in strategy, data, and operations in Life Sciences. Before Capgemini, he worked at Ipsen Pharma as Director of Strategic Planning and at Air Liquide Healthcare, where he was BU Head in Renal Care and Digital Strategy Director for chronic diseases. At Capgemini, he leads the Life Sciences incubator for Invent, focusing on Data and AI services in R&D. He is the author of the Capgemini annual barometer “AI for Health” and delivers regular thought leadership on Data and AI in the sector.

Rajesh Shenoy

Director of Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent
With over 25 years of professional experience in the life sciences industry, Rajesh has worked in commercial operations, strategy consulting, and business analytics, previously at Stryker, caresyntax, GlobalData, and Novartis. He contributes to the development of digital transformation solutions for Life Sciences at Capgemini Invent. He works with clients to design and accelerate digital solutions that will optimize drug discovery, improve customer engagement, and provide better patient outcomes.

Etienne Grass

Managing Director at Capgemini Invent France
Etienne serves as the Managing Director of Capgemini Invent for France. Having joined the Capgemini Group in 2017, he dedicated his initial four years to the Public Services sector in France and later expanded his scope globally within Capgemini Invent. Prior to his current role, he played a pivotal role in leading the BLEU sovereign cloud project for the entire Group.

Thorsten Rall

Global Industry Lead Life Sciences, EVP
Since January 2023, Thorsten has been the Executive Vice President and Global Industry Lead for Life Sciences at Capgemini. Previously, he worked at Novartis in various senior roles. As Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation & Innovation, he led the digital function, developed and implemented high-risk, high-return strategic innovation initiatives, and was responsible for Business Development and partnerships in the digital space.

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