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The road to AI-driven insurance

Forging the Path into the Digital Business Era in Insurance: Exploring Generative AI’s Impact

Forward-thinking insurers are now starting to embrace generative AI, which promises far more than mere productivity gains. By resolving digital business challenges of all sorts, generative AI is poised to drive organic growth and create new revenue streams. This IDC Spotlight sponsored by Capgemini, provides the latest insights into this transformative technology.

What you’ll discover

  • Opportunities and challenges of generative AI adoption: Explore the benefits currently prioritized by insurers, and the concerns that make them approach this topic with caution.
  • How generative AI can accelerate insurance’s digital road map: See how IDC envisions the industry’s evolution post the digital transformation era: digitally adept, ecosystem-enabled, and AI-native insurance.
  • AI-driven insurance: Find out when – according to IDC’s forecast – AI will assume the central role of the insurance industry.
  • Partnering for bridging the great skills divide: Learn about the coming DevOps and data science skills gap, and how to solve it.

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