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Container terminal handling area, aerial view

Get Ready for the Next Generation of Transport Management Systems (TMS)

How the next generation of TMS can enable you to adapt to the trends of tomorrow

The Transport Management System of a freight forwarder is the core operative system running the end-to-end forwarding processes. It forms the digital backbone of the company. As such, it is of vital importance in adopting the trends of tomorrow. However, current TMS in the market are based on concepts and principles from over a decade ago. They are systems-of-record enabling the entry and retrieval of data with supporting functionalities.

The question therefore is whether they are capable to handle the challenges of today and tomorrow, such as enabling a resilient supply chain while allowing a high individualization towards the needs of various stakeholders. These challenges require information that is readily accessible from anywhere, a fast development of new services on top of the TMS, high customization and flawless integration as well as visibility between the logistics parties.

As a starting point for this in-depth discussion, we have created a Point of View which reflects our ideas addressing those questions. It describes in detail why we see the above challenges as most relevant for the TMS of the future, while also analyzing the pitfalls we see in the implementation of the current TMS. Based on this analysis we have drafted our own vision for the NextGen TMS. In addition, we have outlined a possible transformation journey towards the target vision. How does your TMS compare to our vision? Download our Point of View to take a look and contact us for an in-depth discussion how we can take your TMS to the next level to further drive digitalization in logistics.

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Ernesto Marin-Grez

Expertise: Blockchain, Distribution, Logistik, Transport

Matthias Schmitt

Managing Business Consultant | Focus Sector: Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution
I have been working in Logistics and the Supply Chain industry for more than 20 years. I know the business by heart, from starting my career with a small logistics company to doing projects for global market leaders in various industries. I have an eye for detail and an excellent general understanding of Logistics and its impact on the entire Supply Chain. It fascinates me to find out about new technologies and companies with innovative solution that change the way we think about Supply Chain and that bring value to our customers and their customers. I love to advise and support my clients in their transformation to becoming market leaders.

Tim Lüecke

Delivery Architect Director, Center of Excellence Custom Business Solutions
My passion is to deliver custom solutions which bring differentiating business value to our customers. I have been working in the custom software development space for over 16 years. First as an architect for large-scale mission-critical systems, later for smaller, agile and above all more innovative projects. Although this allowed me to get to know the “new world”, I still find the large-scale projects exciting and would like to bring both worlds together in a meaningful and hype-free way.