Best-in-class post-merger integration for a global energy solution provider

Capgemini Invent supported the post-merger integration (PMI) with a sustainable, professional PMI process. The established approach is also re-usable for all future acquisitions.

Foreign acquisition for leading energy developer

The client is a leading global renewable energy developer and service supplier with over 1,800 employees and more than €1.5B in revenues. In order to expand the reach of the current business the client acquired a foreign company. However, the client lacked a systematic PMI approach and possible synergies were not achieved. Additionally, the client was looking for a sustainable and re-usable PMI process for future acquisitions.

Capgemini Invent was selected to support the successful setup of the PMI project for the new acquisition with its dedicated PMI team and in-depth energy and utilities knowledge.

A future-proof PMI strategy

Through a kick-off workshop involving the key stakeholders, Capgemini Invent mobilized the project team and set the course for the PMI process. During the workshop the high-level integration strategy was defined, potential risks and mitigating actions were discussed and first hypotheses on the target operating model were developed.

Following the kick-off, the preparation of day 1 and the first 100 days began. Together with the customer we defined the integration strategy by defining the merger vision, deriving the integration level and creating a first 100 days plan. Based on the integration strategy we developed the target operating model for the acquired corporation taking into account essential elements like the to-be-organization, relevant KPIs for steering, operating locations and the IT roadmap.

To bring the new organization to life, we also developed clear governance structures, collaboration elements and planned target group specific change management measures. Change management is crucial for a successful PMI because it has an important motivational effect and helps to translate the aspired integration into people’s behaviour on both sides.

During the last phase of the project, we compiled Capgemini Invent’s best practice PMI tools into a re-usable PMI toolbox for the client. The toolbox included relevant templates, checklists and guidelines for different phases of a PMI process like a day 1 employee meeting guideline, a synergy management guideline and templates for the first 100 days planning and the communication plan. In order to ensure sustainability of the toolbox, we aligned the toolbox with relevant business entities and trained the key stakeholders in using the tools.

Successful integration with reusable toolbox

Capgemini Invent successfully developed the integration strategy by defining the merger vision, setting the integration level per function and creating the first 100 days plan for the new acquisition. Additionally, relevant change management and communication measures have been planned in order to draft a sustainable implementation plan.

Capgemini Invent’s expertise enabled a profitable and strong integration, whereby the tracking of defined KPIs, measuring the success and progress, was a key success element. In addition to the successful integration, our establishment of a sustainable and re-usable PMI toolbox for our customer was a key achievement of the project.

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