Public Cloud Managed Services

We provide the enterprise-grade managed services you need to make the public cloud a part of your hybrid cloud strategy.

Deploying Public Cloud as a Business Solution

More and more businesses are migrating workloads to the public cloud, and want to improve control, performance and flexibility. While the public cloud providers offer a catalogue of services, they do not support the public cloud in a way that is fully consistent with the way that you need to manage across your estate.

To adopt public cloud services as part of your cloud-first strategy, you need a partner who can:

  • Identify and migrate the workloads suitable for public cloud environments
  • Integrate, proactively monitor, and manage your environment and applications
  • Protect your business from data loss, outages and security risks

Your Partner in Public Cloud

Capgemini provides the enterprise-grade managed services you need to run applications on the leading public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Virtustream.

Our public cloud experts:

  • Configure and deploy public cloud IaaS
  • Configure and deploy applications and services on public cloud IaaS
  • Design and architect your public cloud environment
  • Integrate public cloud services with other enterprise IT
  • Automate provisioning to accelerate deployment
  • Provide managed services for IaaS and applications, including technical support, backups, and monitoring of service performance
  • Secure the intersection of public cloud and enterprise environments
  • Broker public cloud services on your behalf, or equip you with self-service brokering and provisioning capabilities

Your enterprise benefits from:

  • Control over costs and cost allocations
  • Higher IT organization focus on business mission-critical applications
  • Capital efficiency: exit the data center
  • Standardized applications and processes.
  • Being able to pilot innovative service projects to scale up quickly
  • Rapidly evolving services to stay ahead of the competition
  • Enabling a digital-first strategy

Proven Results

We have substantial and long-standing experience in managing enterprise IT environments, and tuning hybrid infrastructure for optimum performance. We are an audited AWS Managed Services Partner.

Sogeti worked with PostNL to migrate over 30 mission-critical applications to Microsoft Azure as part of a cloud-first strategy. This resulted in a 25% cost reduction and the closure of an on-premise datacenter.

We deployed EnergyPath on the AWS Cloud for Excelerate Energy, enabling them to implement SAP Business Suite technology in a three-month period.