AutoPath accelerates the SAP journey

The automotive ecosystem is becoming more complex as the industry faces new opportunities and new entrants. Automotive companies need better digital tools and end-to-end solutions to manage risks and drive growth.

AutoPath is ideal for companies wanting to align with automotive industry-leading practices and promote the standardization and simplification of business operations. The pre-configured solution manages new product introductions, scheduling agreements, forecasts, and just-in-time delivery schedules; maintains production schedules; and performs automated Kanban execution. It draws on a repository of OEM EDI messages and label formats, including those from GM and Ford.

AutoPath has pre-built, integrated end-to-end SAP business processes designed for automotive suppliers built on top of SAP Best Practices. It reduces implementation risk while increasing the speed to get real business value from your SAP investment.

The resulting digital-transformation journey avoids wasteful haste and is more efficient. AutoPath accelerates the process with:

  • Pre-configured end-to-end business-process scenarios that typically address 80 percent of the business requirements of automotive suppliers
  • A strong, experienced, and knowledgeable partner in the automotive industry
  • A clearly defined scope and timeframe for implementations
  • Reliable, repeatable delivery
  • Early visibility into areas that require additional attention.

It is a ready-made solution that allows automotive suppliers to get a running start with SAP implementations. Capgemini has a rich history of successful collaboration with SAP and leading companies across the automotive industry, making it the best choice.