No area of technology is changing as rapidly as that of the user experience. As spoiled, easily bored and simplicity-seeking consumers of the latest technology platforms, we expect nothing less than compelling IT experiences offered by the organizations we do business with – or work for. Interaction with technology should be a seamlessly connected string of ‚happy‘ and ’simple‘ signature moments – to the extent that we do no longer notice them as separate interactions, they are just part of one and the
same Technology Business experience.

To make customers and employees truly happy through their use of technology, there should be no modesty in creating the next generation of user experiences.

Creating an excellent customer experience first of all requires a Design Thinking mindset; envisioning the customer journey from an outside-in perspective, putting equal amounts of compassion, empathy, and factual analytics into the equation, finding these signature micro-moments in which key decisions are made and long-lasting associations with a brand are built.

With technology becoming ultra-interactive, understanding the nature of the real-time conversation with the customer or employee paves the road to success. Then it’s no longer a matter of creating the next killer mobile app. It is now the quest for finding – or building – the platform where supply and demand will naturally come together, in which intentions hardly need to be expressed anymore, because they are already anticipated.

It’s also a matter of keeping up with the rapid change of pace in user experience technologies. The now classic user interfaces of desktop and laptop computers are replaced by chatbots, voice agents and wearables that understand and speak your language. Smart glasses and augmented or virtual reality headsets create a fascinatingly immersive experience. Tomorrow, Neural Interface or eye-tracking technology, coupled with BCI (Brain Computing Interface) will totally unleash the power of these technologies with enhanced ‘think-and-play’ interfaces, no longer in need of a manual controller. Many AI-driven systems can pop up on your phone, in your car, on your watch, on your clothes, through a speaker in your living room, even in your contact lenses (in the not too distant future). These technologies will completely merge the real and digital worlds, disrupt the nature of consumer and worker experiences and how they interact with their near or virtual environments.

And now (thanks, 5G and Cloud Computing), there is an increasingly strong location-related aspect to it as well. We expect these seamless, immersive and simple experiences to be delivered any time, any place, with any ‚thing‘ involved.

You Experience

Creating seamless user experiences for decisive, magical moments.

1. Signature Moments

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2. Reality Bytes

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3. Own Private Avatar

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4. I Feel for You

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5. No Friction

Autonomous technology can create a user experience that is so fluent and adaptive, it’s almost not experienced anymore. Learn more