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The current crisis provides organizations with the opportunity to critically reflect on their organization’s ability to transform into a digital workplace, capable to grasp a wide set of benefits, from talent attraction to productivity and resilience in case of external shocks. While most organizations have been forced to initiate first steps towards a more virtual organization, we are only at the beginning of a trend that will and has to continue beyond this crisis.

Due to the rapid and immense changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to transform their organization and operating model. A possible solution could be the „Virtual Organization“, a new organizational model that takes into account a balance between virtual and physical elements reflecting the requirements of the new normal. Our experts discuss their experiences and share insights why the transformation to the Virtual Organization is a critical step to take now.

We are already seeing a shift in the way that people work, interact, take decisions and lead, while working remotely. And although we see these shifts happening, we cannot be certain that we have reached the maximum potential in the way we use technology, share ideas and realize projects in a virtual environment.

It is very likely that the current phase is just good enough to accommodate urgent changes. There is more room for organizational resilience to better navigate future shocks by enabling people to work from any place and remaining flexible to react to changing market and customer needs.

This podcast is aimed to discuss the current challenges organizations face and how the Virtual Organization can benefit to tackle them. You will learn about the different elements of the Virtual Organization and its key success factors.

Our experts Markus Cramer and Max Ferdinand Baldelli want to share with you their insights and best practices about their view on the Virtual Organization.


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Unsere Experten

Markus Cramer

Strategy and Transformation

Max Ferdinand Baldelli

Max Baldelli ist bei Capgemini Invent Experte im Bereich Digitale Transformation and Innovation.