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The Internet of Things is just beginning to change industries and products. If companies want to remain competitive in the future, they will not be able to avoid integrating IoT technologies.

The Capgemini Invent state-of-the-art IoT Study was conducted during Q4 2018 & Q1 2019 to assess the progress and achievements of industrial companies in their transformation towards digital service providers. The maturity assessment based on the dimensions IoT Transformation and IoT Technology in this study was designed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Munich and can be used by prospective partners to evaluate their own progress in the field. Transformation, based on Osterwalder, consists of the areas Strategy, Business Model and Organizational influences. The technological dimension IoT Technology, designed based on Porter, consists of the areas Application, Platform, Connectivity and Product. The dependencies identified between all dimensions and the success of mature companies lead to our recommendations for actions.

IoT-Maturity-Assessment - Capgemini Invent

Key Results of the state-of-the-art IoT Study 2019:

The assessed dimensions Strategy, Business Models, Organization, Platform Connectivity and Product of the maturity model have a major impact on the IoT transformation. The dependencies between the technological and transformation dimensions have been higher than expected. IoT Masterminds are transforming all dimensions faster than Laggards.

  • Companies with an IoT vision and strategy anchored in the company strategy show better financial KPIs.
  • Leaders apply more and different business models and transform towards recurring revenues while extending the B2C interface.
  • Leaders have dramatically changed into an agile organization supported by new agile processes, governance, culture and leadership change.
  • Leaders believe in a platform in platform strategy to enable DevOps while having an enterprise platform architecture.
  • The connectivity dimension is underestimated in most industries, while leaders are focusing on partnerships inside their digital ecosystem.
  • Leading participants have already shifted the product portfolio into a digital value stream structure to empower DevOps while reducing physical complexity.

Recommendations for action:

  1. Anchor IoT vision and strategy in the company strategy
  2. Transform into a service-oriented business model and extend it based on an ecosystem view
  3. Establish an agile working environment, methods, processes and tools
  4. Ramp up the integration landscape and identify a platform in platform strategy
  5. Identify ecosystem partners and standardize communication protocols and interfaces
  6. Reshape product development structures and digitize complexity

Download our Capgemini Invent State-of-the-Art IoT study here. For further questions regarding IoT Transformation and IoT Technology please contact our expert Udo Lange or Thomas Steigerwald.

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