How Intelligent Processes Differentiate Best-Run Businesses in the Digital Economy

Using Process Mining and Process Monitoring to Create a Foundation for Data-Based Process Excellence

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Well-run business processes help your enterprise meet its goals. But understanding complex business processes and identifying where and how to make changes is complex. Now, new technologies for process mining and process monitoring enable transparency into as-is processes and real-time operational process performance management.

How Intelligent Processes Differentiate Best-Run Businesses in the Digital Economy-Capgemini Invent

For many years, companies have managed their processes in a detached way, documenting processes in their business-process management tools. Meanwhile, the actual process flows are often invisible to the responsible operational managers.
To optimize your business processes, the enterprise needs a clear picture of how processes actually work from end to end. Only with this insight can you pinpoint the need for process change and identify the path to process excellence.

The need for process visibility in a changing world

Digital transformation initiatives and business process change go hand in hand. Rising demand for a digital customer experience, evolving business models, new regulatory and compliance requirements, and the proliferation of businesstobusiness and business-to-government integration require you to optimize your end-to-end business processes.

Why Prioritize Process Excellence?

Efficient, effective business processes are no longer a competitive differentiator. Instead, they are an imperative that helps you keep pace in the digital economy. Customers now expect you to deliver a seamless experience and reliably meet their expectations.
Meeting these goals requires business processes with a high first-time-right ratio. New technologies enable focused, systematic analysis and monitoring of the data generated by your processes, which you can use to optimize each process and meet customer demand. That’s what we call data-driven process excellence.

SAP Process Mining

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