Capgemini’s vision on predictive maintenance in the rail sector

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European Railway organizations are dealing with challenges in their digital transformation around assets. They all are looking for improved operational efficiency, safety and client satisfaction. The number of Train passengers will increase fundamentally coming years and therefore they have to improve the availability of trains.

Capgemini is an important player in the rail sector. Our experience is that all companies in the rail sector are approving their asset management and experimenting with sensoring en IOT. They also are looking for ways for predictive maintenance in order to have a higher availability and capacity of trains with lower costs.

This vision document describes Capgemini’s vision on how disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things bring opportunities to grasp those great benefits that rail companies are looking for. Those innovations bring the rail sector closer to Predictive Maintenance which could be a sustainable solution to an efficient operational process and an improved availability of assets.

Download the vision document and / or contact Dick Hunnersen.

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