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Automated Robot Carriers And Robotic Arm In Smart Distribution Warehouse
Digital transformation

The potential of Artifical Intelligence in Logistics

Gaining competitive advantage to improve market position

We live in a connected world that is highly complex and volatile. The ability to react quickly to changing conditions is extremely important, as events like the pandemic or the congestion of the Suez Canal have shown. With the help of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a predictive, information-consuming technology, companies can react earlier and more appropriate to disruptions and thus gain a competitive advantage. They can base their decisions on data-driven insights, optimize processes and design new business models.

But what use cases can companies use? Which processes profit from AI and where and how can companies start to act? This point of view describes use cases along the logistics value chain and identifies opportunities AI can create. It discusses the potentials of the technology as well as its challenges and provides examples of how Capgemini has implemented AI use cases with its customers to improve their market position.

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Christian Brelage

Head of Business & Technology Solutions  |  Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution & Transport

Towe Christiansen

Senior Business Analyst | Focus Sector: Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution
For clients in the logistics and retail & consumer products industries, I accelerate data-driven innovation & transformation with a deep understanding of business needs and technology. To gain value, I conduct the implementation of business opportunities into the client’s environment. My focus lies on the concepts of Loyalty, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance.

Dr. Regina Meyer

Managing Consultant Business & Technology Solutions | Focus Sector: Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution
I have been fascinated by distribution and transportation for more than 20 years. Already during my postgraduate studies, I searched for hidden champions in logistics and since then I have been focusing on innovative, future-driven and successful solutions for providers in this industry. I advise and support my clients in their transformation to becoming market leaders through user-oriented and data-driven approaches in a collaborative environment.   

Dr. Eldar Sultanow

Enterprise Architecture
Dr. Eldar Sultanow ist als Architekt tätig. Er hat langjährige Praxiserfahrung in der Softwareindustrie, insbesondere in den Bereichen JEE, Electronic/Mobile Commerce, Track-&-Trace und Auto-ID im Pharmabereich. In einem zwischenstaatlichen Projekt hat er eine Plattform mit konzipiert, an der internationale Finanzinstitute angeschlossen sind. Aktuell ist Eldar Sultanow als technischer Chefdesigner in einem der größten öffentlichen IT-Verfahren aktiv, das hunderttausende Transaktionen pro Tag mit einem Jahresvolumen von über 25 Milliarden EUR vollzieht.