Transition to Veeva unifies client’s CRMs for Pharma and Consumer Health

A leading pharmaceutical company engaged Capgemini for the global implementation of Veeva and optimized enterprise data management (EDM)


Client: Global pharmaceutical company
Location: Europe

Challenge: The client required a global customer relationship management (CRM) solution to optimize costs and processes in over 50 countries. The following issues were particularly important:

• Siloed applications within the current system landscape didn’t meet ongoing business demands
• Scattered data sources prevented a unified view on data or analytics
• Overall inconsistent processes combined with ineffective internal and external communication

Solution: Capgemini oversaw the transition of multiple local systems to Veeva and provided application management in support of over 17,000 sales representatives


  • Enhanced customer engagement through detailed customer profiles as well as consistent processes and reporting across segments and regions
  • Integration and standardization results in simplified and streamlined systems
  • Flexible staffing and pricing models stabilize business operations
  • Improved product launches due to stronger collaboration and communication across departments, as well as with customers and healthcare professionals
  • Increased quality control due to a widened knowledge base and support automation

Worldwide implementation of Veeva and application management

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies had recognized the potential of enterprise data integration to streamline their Consumer Health and Pharma operations. In order to achieve this, they selected Veeva, a cloud-based application platform, for global implementation. The program is considered one of the largest Veeva and data integration projects in the Life Sciences industry, covering over 325 unique interfaces and more than 100 applications worldwide. Capgemini agreed to provide support for the client’s extensive VEEVA CRM as well as applications within its ecosystem such as Prescription Medicine Data Warehouse, Fingertip Formulary database, and Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) activities. The aim was to deliver a fixed-cost, service level agreement (SLA) based model while providing bandwidth for additional responsibilities and small enhancements in over 40 countries. The client also requested L2/L3 support for over 60+ countries with local follow-the-sun support.

Capgemini began the transition of Veeva and operational data store (ODS) applications, integrating 4,000 users in the first two months and onboarding an additional 50+ countries in 12 months. Over 40 support and developer experts in Veeva, ODS and Informatica, who supported in the integration, provide the application management of the system for 17,000 remote sales representatives. The support covers the following areas to ensure seamless integration between multiple local systems with Veeva:

  • Territory management
  • Call planning
  • Samples management
  • Syndicated data extract process
  • Travel and expense management
  • Disconnected analytics for Pharma
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE 10.1.3)
  • Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

Customized model accelerates delivery

The dynamic support model enables on-demand request for technology services and is managed by a Capgemini team of Veeva certified administrators. Local support in five languages (English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese) ensures an industrialized delivery process tailored to specific regions.  A customized onboarding process for all sales representatives and an accompanying toolkit reduce ramp-up time, while diverse pricing options for service offerings can be selected according to the client’s program need.

A flexible system for higher quality support

The implementation of the Veeva CRM has resulted in multiple benefits for the client in terms of financial and operational efficiency. An applied flexible demand model processes over 15,000 tickets a year with the use of automation technology, while L2 Agents from Capgemini support business, sales and data steward user groups. Further notable results include:

  • Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flexible staffing and pricing models alleviate staffing issues
  • Improved user satisfaction, response and resolution times
  • FMA (failure mode analysis) and continuously improved knowledge base results in increased quality and quality control

Capgemini looks forward to further opportunities to apply its expertise in Veeva implementation and application management in the Life Sciences industry.
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