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SAP Customer Experience

Technology transformation across the water sector to improve your customer experience

Your customers are unique. Different needs, different expectations, different preferences.

How do you connect emotionally to build long-lasting relationships with them – and enable your employees to give them a personalised experience across all interactions?

What’s more, there are thousands of them. Possibly, millions. How do you gather data on each one, make sense of it, and act on it individually – and in real time? How do you acquire and keep your customers?

We can help you transform the way you provide engaging experiences to your customers and employees, end to end, so you can build relationships that are valued by every individual customer, and which help you grow your business.

With vast experience across the water industry, Capgemini has been supporting its clients use data to transform their customer service and experience. We can (and do) work with you to design your future customer experience operation in a flexible way, recognising you will want to run and control elements internally.

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Senior Manager, Energy & Utilities

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Business Transformation Director

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