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Transforming our energy system, with leadership and common purpose

A short series of Points of View

When Capgemini announced its intention to become a Net Zero business by 2030, our strategy and action plan to achieve our goal included two essential components.

The first is leadership, with CEO Aiman Ezzat making our intentions crystal clear from the top of our company: “I have put acting on climate change at the heart of our Group priorities, with a focal point of our ambitious target of net zero by 2030.”

The second is making the achievement of our objectives a shared endeavour, forging a sense of common purpose, and an understanding of the power of collective action. It’s a formula that’s enabled us to make significant early progress enroute to 2030.

As we all battle with the huge global challenge of achieving NetZero 2050, applying these same principles to our global energy system has never been more important. With visionary leadership and co-ordinated action by consumers, the energy markets, governments, regulators and industry, the human race can recover lost ground and get back on track.

In this short series of Points of View we look at the key participants in our energy system, the challenges they face and their roles in the global effort.

In PoV 1, we look at the pace of change in consumer behaviour and how, if products and services produced by sustainable means also represent the most compelling value proposition, they soon become the de facto choice for consumers.

In PoV 2, we describe the need for Energy Industry X.0, a reimagined, flexible and agile market and systems, with fewer barriers, greater participation, real competition and rapid innovation.

In PoV 3, we propose our 2050 vision of seamless prosumer living, enabled by a connected, integrated energy ecosystem, fully embracing changed patterns of energy generation – to be brought to fruition in a four-step action plan.

If you would like to share your point of view, or you’d like to find out more about our thinking, we’d love to talk to you, to see how we can collaborate for the greater good, for Net Zero in 2050.


Jon Brooke
Vice President,
Energy & Utilities, Capgemini
Carl Haigney
Vice President,
Head of Retail Utilities, Capgemini
Julian Keates
Senior Director,
Energy & Utilities, Capgemini