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Accelerating Energy Transition

The energy transition will unleash vast opportunities to build a brighter future for all.

The transition to clean energy is an urgent and inevitable responsibility. And at Capgemini, we believe in tackling challenges head-on to bring lasting solutions.

We are convinced that the energy transition represents a vast opportunity for energy providers to remain more viable than ever in the unfolding energy ecosystem – by harnessing the power of technology and innovation to deepen customer relationships, redefine offerings, and build positive legacies.

We believe the energy transition can be a key enabler, building a brighter world where energy is cleaner, more sustainable, and affordable for all. By allowing energy consumers to take control of their energy consumption, it will change the way they view, and use, energy – forever.

Together we can light the way.

Meet our people

James Forrest

Global Head of Energy Transition and Utilities
I lead in helping global clients with major business transformations involving smart grid, IoT, the reform of gas and electricity markets, major software and infrastructure changes, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive significant business performance improvement.

Mike Lewis

VP Global Leader Energy Transition
He is the lead of Capgemini’s Energy Transition business globally. He is responsible for our client’s success in their move to low carbon energy – both the products and services our clients bring to market, and how their own company transition to low carbon, sustainable business practices.

Alain Chardon

Director Sustainability and Energy Transition, Sustainable platforms & innovationCapgemini Invent