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What we do

Do you want to be reactive to what’s happening? Or relevant for tomorrow?

Capgemini is the strategic partner who will help you ask the tough questions – and find the right answers – by harnessing the power of technology. We apply a breadth of expertise to address the full range of business needs across four areas: Strategy and transformation, applications and technology, engineering, and operations.

Strategy and transformation

Applying expertise in technology, data science, and creative design to provide strategy, innovation, and transformation consulting.

    Applications and technology

    Developing, modernising, extending, and securing IT and digital environments using the latest technologies to develop, optimise, and maintain applications.


      Fostering synergies between the digital and the engineering worlds to help our clients unleash their R&D potential and engineer intelligent products, operations, and services at scale.


        Delivering greater efficiency and operational and technological excellence through business process outsourcing and managed services of applications hosted in data centers or the cloud.

          We focus on helping drive value in three key areas: customer experience, intelligent industry, and enterprise management. As we do this, we help our clients embrace key technologies such as cloud, data, and artificial intelligence, and also work to improve their cybersecurity and environmental impact.

          Thanks to deep, sector-specific expertise, we are able to develop solutions that are aligned to our clients’ unique challenges and can help them meet their specific objectives.

          See how we deliver on our brand promise Get The Future You Want  for our clients, our people, and our communities in this short presentation.