Banking and capital markets

Banks and capital markets firms are facing unprecedented disruption. While reducing costs is critical, they must invest to meet customers’ digital expectations, manage risks, and attain sustainable business practices.

In the new normal, banks need to create customer-centric business models and provide relevant experiences and offers to meet the customers’ changing needs. We help our clients achieve those goals and drive customer-first growth. We work with 8 out of the top 15 banks, and 9 out of the top 15 diversified financial companies, to help them reimagine their business, become data-driven open enterprises, and better equip themselves to meet evolving demands from the market, partners, and regulators.

Capital market firms, meanwhile, need to reduce structural, operational, and per-unit trade costs, introduce efficiencies, and invest in digital infrastructure, while meeting increasing regulatory obligations. We help our clients create efficient and responsible organisations, with digital innovation at their core, including business, product and regional eco-systems. And our holistic data, cloud, and analytics solutions enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and ensure more effective risk management.

Future-proofing innovation

Sustainability roundtable hosted by Capgemini

    TechnoVision 2023: Financial Services

    With TechnoVision 2023: Financial Services, explore how you can balance digitisation with evolving risks and sustainability.

    Return on innovation: Winning in invisible banking

    How can wearable payments enable seamless experiences for resorts, gaming and beyond with a fashion-forward approach?

    Future-proofing innovation x financial services

    How can the Financial Services industry transform towards a more sustainable future?

    Composable to the core

    Agile. Flexible. Scalable. With the power of the cloud.

    Embrace the future of compliance with Perpetual KYC

    Meet us at ACAMS Hollywood Conference 2023.

      What we do

      Asset managers are experiencing increased customer interest in ESG issues. They must also address new regulations prompted by DLT and AI/machine learning.

      We can help you respond to these demands, capture new market opportunities, and create compelling yet cost-effective customer propositions.

      Now is the time to consolidate your competitive position using digital solutions, while maximising your return on investment.

      We’re enabling financial institutions to deliver attractive, future-proofed, next-generation payment solutions at scale, and efficiently manage compliance and the complex risk environment.

      We help you transform your office operations front-to-back to make them future-ready, more profitable, and resilient.

      You can monetise your assets and platforms, establish centres of excellence, and set up trade-as-a-service models to create new market opportunities.

      Lending models need to be simpler, faster, and personalised for customers, and remain competitive for banks.

      We help commercial and consumer lenders to create seamless, digital, lending experiences, automating processes at scale, and generating data-driven insights, while effectively managing risk.

      To create long-term value, banks must meet changing customer expectations and increase their market agility.

      We work with clients to transform a product-led, siloed operating model into a streamlined, agile platform, to enable hyper-personalised customer experiences.

      Customer and industry dynamics for wealth management firms are transforming rapidly.

      We help deliver superior investor experiences, empower your advisors through hyper-personalisation at scale, and gain efficiencies by embedding data-driven insights and new technologies.

      Featured services

      Core banking

      Transform the core for your digital future with our core banking modernisation solutions.

        Decentralised futures

        Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are at the heart of decentralised futures.

          Amazon FinSpace

          As a long-standing APN Consulting Partner and part of the Amazon FinSpace Delivery program, we help financial services companies build and maintain data management system with Amazon FinSpace.

            Connected marketing for financial services

            Marketing in a highly regulated environment to digitally savvy consumers is fraught with complexity. Capgemini helps banks navigate the digital landscape with services and capabilities driven by our Connected Marketing engine.

              Contact Centre Transformation

              Create a sustainable, next generation contact centre experience

                Client stories

                Nurturing the future of work with Elaine Arden, CHRO, HSBC

                Managing talent across geographies, closing skill gaps, and building an inclusive corporate culture to improve business outcomes.

                  Digital customer experiences at scale by Entercard

                  Entercard partners with Capgemini to deliver seamless customer experiences through automated, data-driven journeys delivering more customised offers, all powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

                    Fighting the rise of cybercrime and fraud by establishing the Nordic Financial CERT

                    Nordic financial institutions worked with Capgemini to establish the first international financial CERT to respond to increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats

                      Capgemini helps a global financial services company deliver improved, intuitive digital

                      With Capgemini’s ADMnext, the company cashes in on a managed services engagement model, agile transformation, and application modernisation

                          From shifting workloads to creating business value

                          A business-value-driven approach to cloud transformation programs

                          Cloud adoption: Leverage best practices for a DevSecOps pipeline

                          Cloud services are ubiquitous and software updates have increased exponentially.

                          Best practices for remote customer onboarding

                          Useful tips to address AML risks and challenges

                            Meet our experts

                            Gareth Wilson

                            Executive Vice President – Head of UK Banking and Capital Markets 

                            Sankar Krishnan

                            Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, Capgemini Financial Services

                            Ian Campos

                            Executive Vice President, Financial Services; Global Domain Practices Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

                            Nilesh Vaidya

                            Global Industry Head – Retail Banking & Wealth Management

                            Preetham Kamesh

                            Vice President, Capital Markets, Market Development, Financial Services

                            Matt Reece

                            Vice President – Core Banking UK/Europe

                            Carlos Salta

                            Expert in Digital Banking Transformation

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