LEADING Sustainability

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

A sustainable future calls for collective action, bolder leadership, and smarter technologies. Businesses must play a part in building it – they can achieve this through switching their mindset to new business models and ways of working to ensure the maximum positive environmental impacts. In so doing, they also stand to develop competitive advantage and strengthen their organisational resilience.

“a sustainable future is achievable only with deep collaboration with our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.”

Aiman Ezzat, CEO


    A sustainable future calls for collective action, bolder leadership, and smarter technologies. Swipe for more.

    A sustainable future

    To find lasting, meaningful solutions, leading leading voices from business, academia, and government must come together.

    CEO Climate Alliance to world leaders

    Over 90 CEOs and all members of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders are committed to reducing emissions by more than 1Gt annually by 2030.

      Climate and technology


        The circular economy can significantly contribute to sustainable development and reduce the pressure on finite resources. Swipe for more.

        Circular economy for a sustainable future

        How organisations can empower consumers and transition to a circular economy.

        Waste not, want not. It’s the circular economy

        How can you ensure a circular economy model is good for your business as well as the planet? Find out in our podcast episode.
        Client story
        Capgemini Invent

        An impact measurement tool

        A tool to measure the results of Red Electrica’s Circular Economy Roadmap.
        Capgemini Invent

          Sustainability and energy


            Putting the citizen at the center of smart city initiatives and aiming for “zero” territories – zero waste, zero congestion, zero emissions. Swipe for more.

            Street Smart

            Trust, innovation, and data are the keys to the smart city of tomorrow.

            Data, cities and citizens

            Rebooting the city operating system to correlate data and democracy.

            The sustainability impact of cars

            Value created for cities, property developers,companies and consumers.

              Sustainability through a sector lens

                GREENING IT

                Technology leaves an indelible mark on the environment. But if it is to lead us towards the future we want, it cannot leave too deep a carbon footprint. Swipe for more.

                Sustainable IT

                Enterprise IT accounts for a significant part of organisations carbon footprint. Are organisations focusing enough on making it sustainable?

                Sustainable IT application at Mercedes Benz AG

                Capgemini modernized a Mercedes-Benz AG widely used backend service for vehicle master data and buildability services.

                It’s time for a green revolution of your organisation’s IT

                Article from Gunnar Menzel, CTIO, North & Central Europe.