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Rethink series

A series of whitepapers on how we need to rethink sustainability

Capgemini believes that a sustainable future requires collective action, bolder leadership and smarter technology.

To inspire and inform, we’re producing a series of papers – ReThink – that looks at sustainability from a fresh set of perspectives, and evaluates how technology can be a key lever in the response to the twin major issues facing us today – the climate crisis and the threat to biodiversity.  

Our ReThink white papers will cover a variety of sustainability issues, including governance of biodiversity, and the circular economy, explored through the prisms of business, academia, NGOs and broader society.

We’re producing these papers with technology partners that we work collaboratively with on a daily basis, bringing together their innovative technology solutions (such as AI, precision sensors, machine learning) and our strategic and operational skills.  

Below you’ll find our first paper on biodiversity and look out for further topic editions in the coming months.

Tech and the living world

How can technology contribute to the understanding, monitoring and preservation of our biodiversity?

According to Cyril Garcia, Capgemini Group Head of Sustainability Services and Corporate Sustainability, and CEO of Capgemini Invent, “approaching planetary boundaries leaves us with no choice than changing our way of working and our relationship with the planet. Biodiversity is one of those planetary boundaries that we cannot overshoot, due to its complex, central and interrelated role in helping mitigate climate change and maintaining resilient ecosystems.”

Our first paper “Tech and the Living World” argues that putting the preservation of biodiversity back on the same level as the fight against global warming is urgent and an absolute necessity.  With contributions from scientific bodies, NGOs and universities, together with our partner AWS, we argue for the need for fresh thinking regarding business models and societal change, and explore how existing and emerging technologies can help protect, maintain, and restore biodiversity.  

To bring the challenges to life, we describe some real-life case studies, where practical solutions have implemented around the world – in forests and the seas – by Capgemini teams, working together with AWS, with positive results.

This paper challenges the reader to rethink about our place in the global ecosystem, how profoundly we’re linked to every living being and how we can act to protect, preserve, and restore such a precious resource – biodiversity. Read on to discover more.