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Innovation Ecosystem

Today’s market dynamics present a critical opportunity for business leaders to revisit their strategies and embrace the need for speed, agility, responsibility, and innovation.

At Capgemini, we are passionate about innovation as a pathway to sustainable growth and a better way of working and living. Together with our clients and partners, we leverage the latest technology and thinking to drive forward-looking solutions that yield genuine business impact. From rigorous frameworks that accelerate innovation to high-intensity R&D to prove out the value of incremental and disruptive technologies, we help you anticipate future trends, assess their potential, and take advantage of them responsibly.

Our innovation ecosystem brings together technology, a network of B2B startups, and proven methodologies and services for driving tangible value. The result? The ability to reinvent for the long-term and unlock the power of technology to build a better future.

With Capgemini Ventures, we aim to co-create and deliver value with startups, clients, and tech partners. By making minority investments through the ISAI Cap Venture Fund and building a joint go-to-market, we help foster new innovations, ideas, and solutions – and help our clients forge a new path forward.

We also partner with technology and industry leaders on new joint ventures and companies that provide cutting-edge approaches to solving today’s biggest challenges.

Our AIE brings together a framework for action, a global network of exchanges, and a rich ecosystem to support our clients’ innovation journeys. Our end-to-end global capabilities help our clients discover, make, and scale innovation. The AIE moves organizations from the problem statement to tangible business outcomes by applying innovation in ways that are meaningful to the business – and able to drive tangible value and competitive edge.

Our AI Futures Lab is a dedicated team of experts specialized in artificial intelligence from various Capgemini teams around the world, who are focused on following the evolutions of the technology, as well as researching and applying the most relevant use cases in generative AI for clients.

Our Quantum – Lab comprises quantum technology experts and highly-specialist facilities in the United Kingdom, Portugal and India, to harness the potential of quantum technologies. In addition, we have signed an agreement with IBM to become an IBM Quantum Hub providing its clients access to IBM’s quantum computing systems.

We are poised at the start of a new digital experience – the metaverse.
Accelerating the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, the metaverse will offer a multitude of new ways for us all to experience things differently – whether at work, home, or play.

More than just a report, TechnoVision gives our perspective on technology trends in business to enable enterprises to make the most of emerging technology.

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