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How can artificial intelligence power your climate action strategy? How are consumer expectations evolving across industries? Why is diversity going to be a competitive advantage in an algorithmic world? These are the kinds of questions that we address at the Capgemini Research Institute. The Capgemini Research Institute delivers best-in-class research that is underpinned by robust data and analysis.

Passionate and curious, our worldwide network of experts works closely with clients, in-house experts, and technology and academic partners to explore the latest developments in business and technology and share actionable insights and analysis. We have dedicated research centers in the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and India, and are proud to have been ranked #1 in the world for the quality of our research by independent analysts for six consecutive times.

An introduction

Understanding digital questions and challenges since 2012

Conversations for Tomorrow

This quarterly review is Capgemini’s flagship publication targeted at a global audience. It showcases diverse perspectives from best-in-class global brands, leading public figures, academics and influencers on a chosen theme. We feature a wide variety of content, including interviews, articles by guest contributors, and insights from some of the Institute’s reports. Within such wealth and diversity of these global industry leaders’ opinions, there is something for everyone. We warmly invite you to explore.

Generative AI

Generative AI is becoming an integral part of many people’s personal and working lives for activities traditionally thought exclusive to the human mind, such as generating content and brainstorming.


Low-carbon hydrogen: A path to a greener future

Why sustainability ambition is not translating to action

Looking towards the future of the automotive industry

Sustainability is a cornerstone of today’s manufacturing operations, but are organisations doing enough?

Food loss or waste continues to be a major problem across the lifecycle of food.


The power of open minds: How open innovation offers benefits for all

Of the technological advancements on the digital frontier in recent years, digital twin technology has been one of the most talked about. But what is a digital twin exactly?

A whole new ball game: Why sports tech is a game changer

How immersive experiences and the metaverse benefit customer experience and operations

How to prepare your organization for a quantum advantage now.

The state of 5G and edge in industrial operations.

How automotive OEMs can harness the potential of software-driven transformation.

Customer experience

2023 consumer behaviour tracker for the consumer products and retail industries

Why CMOs should enable real time marketing to drive sustained growth

2022 consumer behaviour tracker for the Consumer Products and Retail industries

Work, leadership, talent and people

Future-ready education: Empowering secondary school students with digital skills

How companies can make life better for their most important assets

Conversations for tomorrow #2

Creating the hybrid-workplace leader

Data & artificial intelligence

Governments today are expected to address a wide range of complex, interconnected challenges. 

The growing urgency around climate change has placed it at the forefront of global issues.

Unlocking the data premium at speed and scale

How smart organisations use data ecosystems to gain an unbeatable competitive edge

How to drive AI at scale to transform the financial services customer experience


Cloudification of networks

Intelligent industry

Augmented resilience, performance, and sustainability will allow organizations to take a customer-centric focus

Progress in digital technologies and rapidly evolving customer demand have led to a new level of interconnectivity, driven by advanced software and unprecedented volume and quality of data.

Our world reports

From insuring assets to protecting mobility : Driving growth in the evolving mobility ecosystem

Unlock growth in wealth management: Empowering relationship managers and serving the affluent

Where is the cash? Accelerate corporate cash management transformation to build value

The Wellness revolution: How insurers are driving growth with customer well-being

The customer engagement imperative: What banks can learn from the FinTech playbook

Research notes

Where are organisations investing?


Breathe (in)novation – uncover innovations that matter.

    Conversations for tomorrow #4: The new face of marketing

    Marketing is changing – for good and for the better. Stakeholder expectations have been reset, and brands are expected to act responsibly, sustainably, and to provide real value to individuals as well as societies.

      Conversations for Tomorrow #3: Intelligent industry

      Perspectives from an array of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and academics, on how the convergence of products, software, and services heralds the next big transformation opportunity for organizations.

        Conversations for Tomorrow #2: The future of work

        We examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the business landscape, accelerating the digitalization process and revolutionizing the way that we work.

          Conversations for Tomorrow #1: A sustainable future

          A sustainable future calls for collective action, bolder leadership, and smarter technologies.

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