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Customer first

Ramping up customer experience (CX) – from interaction to engagement

How banks are hyper-personalising contact centre interactions with generative AI copilots

With the accelerating embrace of generative AI, banks have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine customer experiences.

This includes hyper-personalising contact centre interactions to enable engaging with customers in new ways.

Although highly-personalised human interactions remain critical to attracting, retaining, and monetising banking relationships, most bank contact centres are challenged to meet today’s evolving personalisation expectations as pools of customer data are trapped in silos.

Download our point of view in partnership with Genesys and discover: 

  • How banks are overcoming traditional contact centre hurdles to empower staff with a purpose-built type of generative AI, known as a copilot, that can rapidly present CSRs with multifaceted of in-context customer insights.
  • What critical capabilities banks should look for in a comprehensive, secure, and compliant cloud-based platform to ensure a co-pilot collaborates with CSRs efficiently and effectively.
  • The five critical steps for successfully implementing a contact centre co-pilot platform to enable achieving transformation goals.

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Traditional industry boundaries are blurring as banks become virtually invisible. Across the retail and business segments, banks need to enrich their customer value and create agile business models. We can accompany you in becoming a truly global bank.

Banking customers have spoken. They expect accessible, personalised services tailored to their individual needs and lifestyles. Ready to unlock the power of customer-centricity?