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Your single partner across strategy, service, and experience.

Capgemini and Salesforce help brands deliver personalized, engaging, relevant and memorable experiences across the entire customer journey. 

We help our clients acquire the right customers and nurture them through connected marketing. We work with them to empower their sales teams to maximise sustainable and profitable growth. Together, we augment their customer service, so they deliver a better service experience every time.

We also help our clients realise and maximise their commerce potential by creating seamless and personalised omnichannel experiences. As a result, they can transform the way they connect with their customers and employees – at scale.

Capgemini and Salesforce: utilizing data and technology to create experiences that build relationships.

“The Capgemini and Salesforce partnership is critical to our growth strategy. And even more, the partnership is essential to the success of our customers.”

Gavin Patterson, President & Chief Revenue Officer at Salesforce

How we can help

We work very closely with Salesforce. Which means we’re also able to work very closely with our clients, bringing all our knowledge and experience to bear on CRM and cloud advisory services, on application design and customisation, and on implementation, integration, and migration. 

It’s all about equipping our clients to deliver the best possible customer experience – and to gain the best possible actionable insights for the future. 

We’ve been collaborating with Salesforce on innovation and on project delivery for more than ten years. Our strengths with the  platform are joined by others in specific Salesforce solution areas, including and VMforce, where we have our own powerful application factory, and in MuleSoft.

We’re a Salesforce Global Strategic Consulting Partner, and we’ve scored 4.8 out of 5 on the Salesforce Partner Value Index. 

Could we bring some of that value to you and your customers? 

With our solutions, you can improve your field service operations, integrate retail commerce, marketing, and service functions, optimise your digital marketing, and improve your smart mobility. And that can help you get closer to your customers.

Our sector expertise

Technology isn’t one-size-fits-all. We work with Salesforce to develop solutions for key industry sectors such as automotive, consumer products and retail, and financial services – and we make them specific to our clients’ needs.


Shape your customers’ experience, with Capgemini’s Salesforce-based Customer Engine. Whether they’re buying a car, hiring one digitally, or mixing it in with public transport, you’ll be able to respond powerfully to their needs and interests – and build lasting relationships.

    Consumer products and retail

    Turbo-charge your retail business with Capgemini. Build customer relationships with personalised voice assistants – and use our Salesforce-based Quick Start Commerce solution, which gives grocers and quick-serve restaurants alike a functional, responsive, omni-channel experience in just 10 weeks.

      Financial services

      Redefine the way you do business. With Inventive Banking, you can rapidly develop innovative propositions. And with Open Insurance Transformation, products and services will be more agile and integrated, so you can achieve new revenue streams and improved customer experience.

        Awards and recognition

        2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for industry (automotive) 

        These awards showcase Salesforce's most noteworthy success stories with its partners.

        Meet our experts

        Darshan Shankavaram

        Expert in Digital Customer Experience

        Lara Wasowski

        Expert in Salesforce solutions