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Our close partnership allows us to accelerate the journey from experimentation to operationalisation

Your path to Enterprise AI

Today, organisations are experimenting with and developing upon AI solutions to drive growth, manage risk and optimise their operations. To be competitive, enterprises need the right technology and platforms to take these initiatives from experimentation to operationalisation.

Dataiku provides a single, collaborative platform that powers both self-service analytics and the operationalisation of machine learning models in production. Capgemini takes time to understand your entire business and strategy, not just your IT systems. Our close partnership with Dataiku allows us to accelerate the journey from experimentation to operationalisation, delivering true enterprise-ready AI.

From raw data to business impact

Across industries, the data landscape is complex with evolving volume and variety of on-prem, in-cloud or hybrids systems. Dataiku is built to connect across these systems to clean & wrangle data, build & apply machine learning models and deploy to production.

Capgemini’s in-depth industry and technical knowledge combined with the Dataiku DSS platform enables enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy AI solutions to realize sustainable and trusted business performance.

For everyone in The Data-Powered Organisation

Dataiku is not just for Data Scientists, it is built for collaboration across the modern analytics team; whether you are an analytics leader, data engineer, data scientist or business analyst you can work with Dataiku. Capgemini has the expertise to help you blueprint your AI-driven organisation; deploy, manage and govern the Dataiku platform; and identify and develop AI solutions with Dataiku.

Resident experts

Contact our experts to learn how Capgemini and Dataiku can help you reap the benefits of AI & analytics today: