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Google Cloud

Faster build. Smart decision-making. Connect anywhere. Let Capgemini guide your organisation to enter the transformation cloud era with Google Cloud. 

Together, Capgemini and Google Cloud help organisations adapt to the changing world, innovate for future growth, navigate economic changes and​ reinvent their business models​.

With our powerful industry and cloud expertise, we provide cutting-edge solutions with a particular focus on addressing clients’ challenges in financial services, retail, and automotive.

We leverage Google Cloud’s leading technologies in AI/ML, data, security and multi-cloud strategies to deliver sector-specific, scalable solutions and realize the full potential of your cloud investments. 

Using AI augmentation to empower DBAs

As data platforms become more powerful, database administrators (DBA) are the link between data scientists and business users. 

How we can help

We put our expertise in Google Cloud at your service to build the foundations for a future where your organisation is able to adapt, innovate and transform at a fast pace.

We embrace Google’s vision to equip organisations with a transformation cloud where we modernize applications and infrastructure, unlock the power of data to make real-time decisions, enable streamlined connections between the organisation with employees, vendors and customers, and create immersive experiences. We also secure what matters, and we contribute to creating a carbon-free future.

Enable an environment to modernise infrastructure, applications, and databases:  
Infrastructure: Data Center Freedom, Platform Engineering, Cloud Operations 
Applications: Application migration and modernisation, API management  
Databases: Data Estate Modernisation, IDEA and 890 accelerators.

Build end-to-end digital trust in cloud solutions:  
– Landing zones 
– Fraud analytics 
– Cloud security 

Improve experiences for employees, vendors, partners and customers with: 
– Hyperpersonalisation 
– Connect anywhere with Digital Workplace 

Reduce costs and enable better business decisions through:  
– ML Ops 
– Intelligent Automation 
– Analytics Sandbox.

Reduce your carbon emissions through:  
– Eco-conscious data centers decisions 
– Climate resiliency.

Leverage solutions specifically tailored for the challenges of your industry:  
– Financial Services  
– Retail 
– Automotive  

We launch Telematics on Google Cloud

A new method for engaging with customers and generating new revenue streams.

Awards and recognition

Google Cloud Partner of the Year – Europe, Middle East, Africa 2021

We were recognised for our achievements in 2021 and for the extraordinary transformation that we helped our customers achieve in EMEA.

Meet our experts

Genevieve Chamard

Expert in retail and manufacturing innovation

Jason Hatch

Expert in Cloud Assessment, Cloud strategy

Marc Chemin

Expert in Insights & Data