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Asset Management Transformation

Major industry shifts and evolving asset bases are driving the need for transformation


  1. Aging and increasingly complex asset base: As legacy assets continue to age, and decentralised networks require  multifaceted asset strategies, asset owners’ estates become increasingly challenging to operate, monitor & maintain.
  2. Poor data integrity: The ability to utilise data to optimise the asset management approach offers significant opportunity to asset owners to streamline their operations. Legacy IT landscapes and integrations must be updated to enable this.
  3. Increasing regulatory demands: Tougher and more demanding regulatory obligations continue to put pressure and squeeze efficiencies on asset owners’ operations and investment planning.
  4. Accelerated digital transformation: The pace of digital adoption across the sector shows no sign of slowing and asset owners who fail to keep up risk losing market share.
  5. Rising cyber threats: The cyber risk landscape to utilities and asset owners has increased to progressively complex threats from a wider set of actors, including nation-states and other sophisticated players.

Roadmap to Enterprise Asset Management:

Time spent on reactive rather than preventative maintenance
30 mins
Average time per employee wasted retrieving information every day
Cost of unplanned downtime for industrial plants (upper estimate)
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Director, Energy & Utilities UK
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