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What it’s like to work in FinTech?

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What makes it so satisfying to carry out projects for a client?

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One of our customers in the insurance industry approached us with a project. The client had a need for a new application that would enable faster and more efficient processing of insurance data, as well as more complex risk analysis.

Our team worked hard to meet the customer’s expectations. Programmers and testers put a lot of effort into writing code and testing the application. Designers created an intuitive interface that was easy for users to use.

Finally, after several months of hard work, we were able to present the finished application to the client. His reaction was astonishing – he said “That’s the best code I’ve seen in the insurance industry!”. This was not only a great acknowledgement, but also a confirmation that there was value in the work we were doing.

The application met all the client’s expectations. It allowed for fast processing of data and accurate analysis of risks. The client was very pleased with our work and recommended our services to other companies in the insurance industry.

This project has shown that our team is capable of handling even the most challenging projects. It was a great achievement for us.

As a young, ambitious developer at Capgemini, I had the opportunity to work on an innovative project utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms. However, I struggled to create a compelling presentation. Fortunately, Artur, an experienced manager, offered me his assistance.

Together, we crafted a more impactful presentation that focused on highlighting the benefits for the client. We delved into the specific problems my solution could solve, the advantages it could bring to their company, and the potential cost savings it could generate.

With Artur’s guidance, I felt more confident and prepared to convey the value of my solution to the client. After the presentation, Artur commended me, saying, “You are a fantastic programmer! I wanted you to feel that what you do is meaningful, and you excel at it!”

I was immensely grateful for the assistance and realized that at Capgemini, our leaders not only prioritize their own interests but also genuinely care about the well-being of their employees. I felt ready to take on new challenges, knowing that I could rely on the support of my boss and the entire team.

As a Capgemini programmer, I had the pleasure of working on a system processing millions of banking transactions daily. The project was huge. At the beginning, I was very worried about the size of it, but my team was quick to allay my fears. We just worked great together! We often met for coffee to discuss our progress and ideas for moving the project forward. There was a friendly atmosphere in the office, which always helped in difficult moments of the project.

The cooperation with the testers was also very successful. In particular, I remember one of the testers who used to wear slippers in the office. This was always a source of jokes for us, but we knew that he was irreplaceable in his work.

One of the highlights of the project was implementing a feature that allowed us to transfer data between the system we were developing and other systems we needed to integrate with. This was a game changer that allowed us to accelerate our work on the platform.

We were able to complete the project on time. I was very proud of our team, which showed that innovation and working together can lead to excellent results.

Our team at Capgemini embarked on an exciting project to develop a platform that enables healthcare access for insured patients. This presented a significant challenge as the platform had to serve hundreds of thousands of patients, requiring advanced innovation.

To ensure success, we engaged in numerous client meetings, diligently gathering insights into their needs and expectations.

After months of relentless effort, we have proudly delivered a platform that empowers medical insurance patients to access healthcare more conveniently and effectively. We are particularly thrilled to support individuals with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity in our solution.

While the app is still a work in progress, we find immense satisfaction in the work itself, knowing that our efforts directly benefit the platform’s users. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the positive impact we’re making in the realm of healthcare accessibility.

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