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Connected cars can create deeply connected customers

Connected – and software-defined – vehicles are ushering in a new era of deep, long-lasting customer relationships. But to realise the opportunities, OEMs and other mobility service providers need to interact with customers in totally new ways. 

We can help you leverage the power of connected services to get closer to your customers, for example by:

  • Transforming customer experience across the lifecycle
  • Offering attractive new sales and ownership/use models
  • Becoming an integral part of your customers’ lifestyle

Accelerate your journey to becoming an integrated service provider and a driver of the mobility revolution.

Smart Mobility Connect

Enabling businesses to reinvent mobility for people.

What we offer

The new mobility ecosystem of the future.

The new mobility ecosystem can be brought to life through a host of products and services within three core pillars:

Connected customer: Cutting-edge technology to reimagine customer experiences.
Connected services and products: New capabilities that extend business success.
Connected ecosystem: The strategic vision to create the business of the future.
The technological framework that helps us deliver on our approach, the Customer engine, connects these pillars and integrates intelligence into each stage of the journey.

The engineering is only part of it. It’s about making a digital connection with the customer, too.

Engineering excellence alone is no longer enough to keep an automotive company ahead. In a world driven by technological innovation, the quality and relevance of the digital experience have taken precedence.

If OEMs are to protect their base, react, and move forward with strength, they need to be faster, more flexible, and more responsive. They need to achieve an intelligent and seamlessly connected ecosystem – and that necessitates global partnerships, investment in IT, the removal of legacy systems, and addressing an increasing number of touchpoints.
Capgemini Invent’s Customer Engine brings together the technology, deep insight, and cross-industry expertise required to help OEMs achieve that.

Cutting-edge technology to reimagine customer experiences.

We provide comprehensive, people-centric support in key areas that include:

Customer engagement: We help OEMs generate and accurately interpret the behavioral and demographic customer data of touchpoints.
Customer service: We deliver a personalised service experience, supporting any communication channel that the connected customer expects.
Customer analytics: We offer intelligent customer-led products and services, where the customer is in charge, and where value comes from situational relevance, usability and price.
Customer experience platform: We enabling the development of customer experience platforms by using relevant and customer-approved data gathered and interpreted from across all channels.

New functionalities that extend business success.

We help you identify areas for new connected services and products based on consumer data and insights. Our solution includes:

Connected services portfolio: This includes new target-group-specific, user-centric service functions (e.g. B2B fleet services, B2C car sharing services).
Digital service monetisation: We use data insights to detect consumers‘ willingness to pay for service offerings. We develop connected services and determine pricing and payment models.
Sales channels and mobility services: We help automotive businesses design their sales and retail strategy. We help them manage all customer touchpoints and internal processes consistently, and to conceptualise, integrate and roll out e-commerce platforms.

A strategic vision to create the business of the future.

Support from our connected ecosystem includes:

Digital value chain: An analysis that helps to transform a business from a hardware supplier into a service and mobility provider with closer customer contact.
Collaboration model: We select the right partners and investment opportunities to improve the digital value chain.
Business model: We find new ways of combining products and services (including data as a service) – and then build the right go-to-market strategies.
Working with Otonomo, the leading connected car data platform, we help automotive businesses to bring privacy-compliant, end-to-end solutions based on car data to life.

Client stories

Meet our experts

Sebastian Tschödrich

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Automotive, Capgemini Invent
I have been working in automotive consulting for 14 years, with experience in Europe and China. Currently based in Munich, I am responsible for the global automotive consulting business and part of the global leadership team at Capgemini Invent.

Dr. Marc Caesar

Expert in Connected Cars, Connected Retailer, Connected Service, Ecommerce, Online Sales

Rainer Mehl

Strategic Clients
Strategic Clients