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Leading the transformation of Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle OEMs face real pressure on many fronts. Regulatory and customer expectations to cut emissions, reduce ownership costs and provide smarter services; all of which require new ideas and solutions which go far beyond drivetrain and vehicle optimisation.

But these challenges must be seen as a huge opportunity for the Commercial Vehicle industry as a whole. Leading the shift to battery and fuel cell electric vehicles will demand significant technological innovation, costs and investment, which can only be offset by transforming how they deliver for customers.
To do this, it’s imperative that organisations drive leaner production, accelerate automation and create connected data-led services. This will enable them to capitalise on the opportunity of end-to-end digital innovation across the whole transport value chain, creating a more progressive, productive supply ecosystem and economy.
Capgemini has the strategic experience and transformation expertise to help manufacturers grasp this opportunity, unleashing the potential of connected, ecosystem thinking and digital transformation.

In addition, the commercial vehicle acceleration hub, launched in September 2022, combines insights from across Capgemini in an end-to-end transformation offering for commercial vehicles.

We want to help the commercial vehicles industry act decisively to define its place in a new, connected and global supply chain. We believe OEMs remain at the leading edge of automotive innovation, and Capgemini can help them to continue to evolve and optimise, while providing the critical digital and strategic leadership needed for truly sustainable growth.”

Markus Scherbaum, Head of Commercial Vehicles Acceleration Hub, Capgemini

IAA Stars of the Year awards

Capgemini is proud to sponsor commercial vehicle excellence with the IAA Stars of the Year awards on September 19th.

What we do

Commercial automotive must evolve in many ways at once. This requires a holistic strategy, new partnerships and continuous optimisation of digital operations.

Capgemini has over 30 years of experience in delivering for automotive customers. Where other consultancies specialise in particular areas, we can provide a tripartite approach that focuses equally on Digital, Engineering and Transformation.
We help organisations create a connected roadmap for change, working with decision makers and partners to build consensus and ensure outcomes are aligned with corporate strategies.

A software-driven approach to transformation is crucial to ensure the speed, confidence and success of future automotive innovation.

Capgemini helps organisations make real, actionable sense of the information they collect, with a consolidated approach to data, intelligence and security.
We integrate with our clients from top to bottom, to ensure consistent knowledge transfer from concept to implementation. This allows us to support every part of the business with every stage of the process, including complex product developments, reviewing operational processes and building supplier networks. Helping to reduce silos and ensure everyone is brought along on the journey – not only the C-suite.

Commercial vehicles require some of the most specialised engineering in any industry. Combining this with a new focus on the re-engineering of operations will allow OEMs to realise the huge efficiency and flexibility benefits of digital operations.

Capgemini can help OEMs to take full advantage of next-generation technologies and strategies, whether using AI to spot and mitigate inefficiencies, or using edge and IoT to link up data insights throughout the transport ecosystem.
With these technologies in place, OEMs can more easily adapt to emergent challenges in the supply chain, instilling resiliency and increasing the ability to lower TCO and make sustainable decisions. 

Client stories

Meet our experts

Dr. Philipp Haaf

Head of e-Mobility Solutions and Smart Mobility Connect Lead, Capgemini Invent
As the Head of Electric Mobility at Capgemini Invent, Philipp Haaf is an acknowledged thought leader in electric mobility. He draws on 11 years’ experience in this rapidly changing area to help automotive OEMs and suppliers seize what he describes as the infinite opportunities of digital transformation.

Markus Scherbaum

Programme Director, Head of the Commercial Vehicles Acceleration Hub
Markus Scherbaum is a Global Program Director at Capgemini and a member of the global automotive sector. He leads the company’s strategic initiative with SAP for the automotive industry and the GTM for Trucks. Markus has a track record of more than 20 years in automotive. His passion is to drive transformation and innovation for the industry.

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