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Life at capgemini

Get the future you want is our philosophy, Capgemini DNA. Our lifestyle depends on the work we do, so it is worth taking the future into your own hands.

Capgemini offers dozens of positions and professional opportunities in various areas and departments. We support our employees in their career development, choice of paths, as well as changes in the chosen direction. We react to their ideas, innovations, we support them in making decisions, flexibly adjusting to their plan for the future.

At Capgemini, a lot depends on you and your plans for the future, because you can create it with us. Just… get the future you want!

Discover the areas where you can grow and the people who make up our teams. Find out that the projects we undertake will not only help you develop your own career path but also have a real impact on the companies run by our clients and on the lives of many people worldwide.

Want to be a part of this? Join us!

Thanks to projects based on cloud computing, 5G, or artificial intelligence, data, and machine learning, we are transforming the face of the industry. We offer you participation in projects that revolutionize the operations of top companies, including those in the automotive, logistics, or transportation sectors.

The work of Capgemini consultants supports our clients in achieving success based on effectively conducted business transformations. In our teams, we change processes, design, and implement new operational models, sell, and implement technologies.

With us, you can develop your career in the IT industry while seeing tangible results of your work. We specialize in projects for the financial, insurance, and medical sectors, as well as for many other – including the transportation or public sector.

Explore a career path that matches your skills, using your knowledge of foreign languages. We do not require professional experience from you – with us, you can count on the support of experienced people from your first day at work.